BAE Systems is seeking to partner more with the Turkish Defence industry, according to Alan Garwood, Group Business Development Director.

The company already has a strong track record of collaboration with Turkey through FNSS, its military vehicle joint venture with Nurol Holding.

“FNSS’s recent export success in Malaysia illustrates the significant strides the Turkish Defence industry has made in recent years,” says Garwood, speaking at IDEF (10-13 May, Istanbul).

As part of its goal of becoming the world’s 10th largest economy, Turkey aims to create an indigenous state-of-the-art defence capability by 2023, the year the Turkish Republic will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

“BAE Systems would be very pleased to collaborate further with Turkey and assist with the country’s aspiration to become a net exporter of defence and security equipment,” comments Garwood.

The company has considerable experience of assisting in the development of such indigenous defence capabilities in markets around the world. In terms of near term defence collaboration, Garwood identifies the naval sector as a good opportunity for Turkey and the UK to work closely together.

“There have been good initial discussions on how we can share maritime experience. These have included Turkey potentially bringing its considerable naval expertise to the Global Combat Ship (GCS) programme,” he concludes.

BAE Systems has already showed its commitment to boost business relations with Turkey during the Turkish/UK CEO Forum, inaugurated by the two countries’ Prime Ministers in London, 31 March 2011. The company’s CEO, Ian King, attended the Forum, which is looking to increase the flow of commercial activities and investment between the two countries.

FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.S. is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of armoured combat vehicles and weapon systems for the Turkish Armed Forces and Allied Armed Forces. FNSS is a Turkish based joint-venture company between Nurol Holding of Turkey and BAE Systems.