Military Videos

Military Videos

Watch military videos of the global air force aircraft, naval ships and army vehicles. for the delay, but Episode 1 part of the CAB Show is finally here! Pilot: Operation Red Flag is an IMAX film centered on the experiences of a USAF F-15 Eagle fighter pilot, then-Captain John Stratton, who... special forces in Iraq training team shooting during the Special units competition. the superiority of his groundbreaking revolver, Samuel Colt's business goes bust because of the Panic of 1837. In steps Texas Ranger Sam Walker.

HK 40mm Grenade Launcher - SHOT Show 2013The HK Grenade Machine Gun (GMG) is based on the Mk19 grenade launcher but is highly evolved. The targeting...

Magazine Ban of 2013The House Democrats are submitting a bill in the next few days to Congress to ban any magazine over 10 rounds in capacity. We mu...

Assault Rifle vs. Sporting RifleThe media and the anti-gunners are trying to tell Americans that "assault weapons" need to be banned for p...

"The Greater Good: Arm Up!!" P1 2 by Nutnfancy