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China's flight in outer space doesn't mean the sky is falling

The Virginian-Pilot , Just about anywhere outside of China, the news that the glorious People's Army had catapulted a man into outer space was greeted with a yawn about as wide and as deep as the Yangtze River. Been there, […]

Bangor Trident fleet to get bigger

The SUN, USS Nebraska will move to West Sound late next year, underscoring the new role the Pacific Fleet is playing in world affairs A third East Coast-based Trident submarine will move to West Sound by this time in 2004, […]

Taiwanese develop missiles to deter Bejing

The Age, The Taiwanese Government, facing a build-up of hundreds of ballistic missiles on the nearby Chinese mainland, has revealed its own missile program and refused to rule out a “pre-emptive” attack on communist forces. Taiwan's Ministry of National Defence […]

'N.K. has 800 mid-range missiles'

, “A nuclear-capable North Korea is a threat to not only Korea but also neighbors. (It has) 800 missiles that can reach many places outside Korea,” U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. Leon LaPorte said “North Korea is a very, very […]

Chinese, Greek military chiefs hold talks

Xinhuanet, BEIJING, Oct. 16 (Xinhuanet) — Liang Guanglie, chief of general staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), held talks here Thursday with Georgios Antonakopoulos, chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff Department.

U.S. spy plane crash-lands near N. Korea

AP, SEOUL (AP) — An unmanned U.S. military spy plane crash-landed near the border with communist North Korea, forcing the U.S. military to ground all planes of the same type deployed in South Korea last month, officials said Friday. Nobody […]

Canada eyes Pakistan for offshore oil exploration

Asia Pulse, KARACHI – Canadian Minister for Industry and Trade Allan Rock said his country is interested in offshore oil exploration in Pakistan, in addition to other areas of mutual interest. Rock was talking to reporters Thursday at a local […]

Government adopts strategy to restructure military industry

Serbian Gov Website, Belgrade, Oct 16, 2003 – The Serbian government has approved a Strategy for Military Industry Restructuring, proposed by the Ministry of Economy and Privatisation. Under the strategy, parts of companies dealing with civilian production will be privatised […]

Lies about Iraq rise to level of the absurd

AJC, Lies beget more lies; a policy built on deception will always require further deception to sustain itself. Case in point: The campaign by leading members of the Bush administration to rebuild faltering support for their invasion of Iraq. To […]

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