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Why Sharon is dangerous

Haaretz, Why? Because he doesn't even try to keep hispromise of peace, and has made his promise ofsecurity worthless. Because he is a bloodyadventurer who scoffs at dangers, even if you paythe price. Because this week he revived theincitement against […]

Singapore short-lists Dassault, Boeing, Eurofighter for fighter jet deal

MCN International /, Singapore has short-listed three aircraft makers to bid for the supply of fighter aircraft to the Republic's air force. The three are France's Dassault Aviation, US firm Boeing and a European consortium, Eurofighter. Rivals US-based Lockheed […]

Missile could strike at the heart of China

Taipei Times, HITTING BACK: A defense report presented to the legislature calls for the development of a missile capable of hitting military bases deep inside China The military plans to build a missile capable of striking deep inside China, according […]

Where to, NATO?

The Foundation for National Progress, All 19 NATO member states and the seven new members to join next year gathered in Colorado Springs over the past two days. It was the largest NATO meeting ever, which is one sign of […]

China's Unmanned Space Mission to Ignite Beijing's Strategic Ambitions

RSI, The eyes of the world are turning to China as it prepares to blast a man into space. The Asian giant's first-ever manned space mission is reportedly due to be launched on the 15th of October. This will make […]

A neighbour

The Indian Express, Pervez Musharraf and his generals, retired and serving, have recently been on a diplomatic-media blitz aimed at Washington complaining about the

Changing the Balance of European Military Force

PRAVDA, The Iraqi war has not only sown serious contradictions between the US, France and Germany; the war has revived the idea of forming European direct action troops to reduce dependence of the European Union on the US in solving […]

Pakistan's gas reserves higher than estimated

Asia Pulse, ISLAMABAD – The World Bank has estimated that original recoverable gas reserves in Pakistan are much more than official estimates of 42 trillion cubic feet (tcf), which needed to be explored and developed through hi-tech surveys and negotiations […]

Pakistan to buy Chinese frigates


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