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Beijing threatens war over Taiwan

SMH, China yesterday warned it may go to war to gain control over Taiwan because the island's politicians were edging towards formal independence and the White House was taking an equivocal stand on the issue. The blunt warning, the first […]

Israelis leave their land, forced out by a battered economy and years of violence

The Independent, Jean Max emigrated from Britain to Israel in 1970 as a committed Zionist. Her three children were born and grew up in Israel. But since they reached adulthood, all three have left for new lives in the United […]

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal

The Guardian, International lawyers and anti-war campaigners reacted with astonishment yesterday after the influential Pentagon hawk Richard Perle conceded that the invasion of Iraq had been illegal. In a startling break with the official White House and Downing Street lines, […]

Afghanistan's lessons for Iraq


British Consulate hit in wave of Istanbul bombings

The Scotsman, The British Consulate and the offices of a British bank have been targeted in a wave of bombings across Istanbul that has killed at least 25 people and injured more than 400. Ten people are reported to have […]

Hypersonic Missile Flies for the First Time Over 7 Mach at Ground Level

EADS, UNTERSCHLEISSHEIM, Germany — In October 2003, flew a hypersonic missile developed by EADS/LFK flew for the first time at a speed of over 7 Mach at ground level — that is a speed of approximately 2.3 kilometers per second. […]

EDO Electronic Surveillance for Greek Navy S-class Frigates

EDO Corp, NEW YORK — EDO Corporation has been awarded a contract to supply six CS-3701 Electronic Support Measures systems for use on S-class frigates under the Hellenic navy

Dutch Navy Receives First Upgraded P-3C

Lockheed Martin, EAGAN, Minn. — Lockheed Martin delivered the first of 10 upgraded P-3C aircraft to the Royal Netherlands Navy today as part of Capabilities Upkeep Program (CUP). The CUP aircraft provides significant improvement in air-to-ground surveillance capability and will […]

Pakistan wants broad education in Islamic schools

, ISLAMABAD, Nov 20 (Reuters) – Pakistan's military ruler will meet Islamic scholars next month to urge them to broaden education in madrassahs, or Islamic mosque schools, often criticised by the West for churning out extremists. President Pervez Musharraf, a […]

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