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''Parallels Between U.S. Occupation of Iraq and U.S. Involvement in Vietnam''


Iraqis express cynicism at Bush's 150-minute visit


Imperial folly: on landing in "Baghdad"


Kofi Annan says Israeli 'wall' puts peace at risk

The Independent, Israel has swatted aside a formal complaint by the UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, over its refusal to halt construction of a wall that cuts deep into the West Bank and slices through Palestinian neighbourhoods of East Jerusalem. […]

U.S. plans for Iraq: a dilemma over 'exit'


Top British judge slams conditions at Guantanamo


Past failures are where the real lessons lie for democracy's new enforcers

SMH, In 1975, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, by common consent the most intellectually formidable figure in American politics, expressed the view that “liberal democracy on the American model increasingly tends to the condition of monarchy in the 19th century: a holdover […]

R.I.P. Sykes-Picot


Africa: Imperialism Goes Naked

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