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Bout of Violence Rattles Afghans


The losing battle for Iraqi hearts and minds


Details of US Military Aid to Uganda Revealed

Kampala , Details of the United States military support to Uganda are out. But the assistance does not include spy signals or field military operations. “The US resumed a small military assistance programme with the Government of Uganda in September […]

U.S. Navy Contracts Indra for a Harrier Simulator for 8M

Indra, The US Navy has contracted Indra, through its American subsidiary Indra Systems, for the development of a new simulator of the vertical take-off and landing aircraft the Harrier AV-8B+ for pilot training, the contract amounting to almost 8 million […]

4 Nations Pursue JPO to Manage Harrier II Fleet

Boeing Co, ST. LOUIS — During the final delivery ceremony, celebrating the success of the Boeing Harrier II production program here today, the United States, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom pledged to pursue a joint initiative to mutually advance […]

Successful Lockheed F-16 Block 60 First Flight

Lockheed Martin, FORT WORTH, Texas — The newest, most advanced Lockheed Martin F-16 completed a successful first flight today. The aircraft is the first of the Block 60 line, which has been designated the F-16E/F version. It is the first […]

Endurance Test on Cryogenic Engine Successful

Indian Space Research Organisation, An endurance test for duration of more than 16 minutes on the indigenous Cryogenic Engine for Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, GSLV, was successfully conducted today (December 5, 2003) at ISRO

Sharon's Phony War


Israel Shares Blame on Iraq Intelligence, Report Says

The Washington Post, JERUSALEM, Dec. 4 — Israel was a “full partner” in U.S. and British intelligence failures that exaggerated former president Saddam Hussein's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, a report by an […]

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