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Spain Joins German – French Tiger Program

G-MoD, BERLIN — German Federal Minister of Defence Dr. Peter Struck and his Spanish colleague, Dr. Federico Trillo Figueroa, have signed an agreement for the participation of Spain in the French-German Tiger program. A comparable agreement has already been signed […]

Pakistan intensifies military operations in Afghan border areas

wsws, Responding to pressure from Washington, Pakistan has been engaged in extensive military operations for the last month to prevent groups of armed fighters crossing its border into Afghanistan. Both the US military and the Afghan government had accused Pakistan […]

NATO chief urges alliance, EU to put military differences aside

AFP, NATO chief George Robertson called Monday on the transatlantic alliance and the European Union to set aside their divisions and adapt to new global security threats in the future. “We really need a NATO-EU relationship that embraces the future […]

Missile attack exposes major military vulnerability for U.S.

Northern Star, WASHINGTON – The downing of a U.S. Chinook helicopter in Iraq on Sunday exposed a major military vulnerability that could have a negative impact on public support for the war, analysts said Monday. The apparent missile attack on […]

2005 US military aid to Israel – $2.22b + $4.5b for F-16i

Globes, The procurement of F-16I combat jets is the largest item in the US military aid budget, at $4.5 billion. The Bush administration will ask Congress to approve $2.22 billion in military aid to Israel in 2005. Israel will receive […]

China to cut 200,000 men in army downsizing before 2005

People’s Daily, The work of servicemen retirement in the winter of 2003 will soon begin, with part of army men to be released before completing their term. Out of the needs of state army downsizing, part of compulsory servicemen and […]

'Tackle terror by the roots'

AP, Beijing – Only education, improved living standards and the empowerment of poor people can stamp out terrorism, Pakistan's president told Chinese students on Tuesday, a day after he promised his country would not be a haven for extremists. “If […]

Sea Kings cleared to fly under restrictions

CTV, Canada's aging fleet of Sea King helicopters are allowed to fly again, as long as they don't do it over unpaved surfaces, according to a statement from the Department of National Defence. The fleet of 28 helicopters was ordered […]

How Chinese look at international strategy

People’s Daily, “How does China view the global counter-terrorism campaign?” “In which way will China build its army in the new century to adapt to the international security situation?” and “What is 'the new security concept' raised by China? And […]

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