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Meteor Missile Takes to the Sky with Europe

MBDA, International missile systems group, MBDA, this week launched a series of flight trials of the new Meteor missile in an unprecedented test programme involving Europe

Boeing Leads Team to Successful Ground-based Midcourse Defense Flight Test

Boeing Co., ST. LOUIS: The Boeing-led Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Team, along with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, announced today the successful execution of a flight test, marking a critical milestone for the program.   During this Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) program […]

Anti-missile protection: Who will pay?

United Press International, WASHINGTON: As defense contractors move ahead with prototype systems to protect civilian airliners from shoulder-fired missiles, urgent questions linger unanswered: How much will it cost? Who should pay? And — most urgent of all — is it […]

Netfires Successfully Conduct Loitering Attack Missile Boost Vehicle Test

Lockheed Martin, Dallas TX: Lockheed Martin conducted a successful Boost Test Vehicle (BTV) flight test of its Loitering Attack Missile (LAM) recently at Eglin Air Force Base, FL. This was the first flight test of the new square body LAM […]

Key Technological Advancements Drive Missile And Munitions Development

Frost & Sullivan, Palo Alto CA: Today's defense systems require increasing standards that place demands on performance in a range of missile and munitions technologies. The constant drive from the applications side to ensure an improved, cost-effective performance is achieved […]

Northrop Grumman Supports Successful Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Test

Northrop Grumman Corporation, Reston VA: Northrop Grumman played a key role in the successful test of the Aegis ballistic missile defense system last month by supporting the technical preparation and launch of the medium-range target missile that provided an interceptor […]

India Successfully Tests Trishul Missile

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Bhubaneshwar, India: India successfully tested its Trishul missile Thursday in the eastern state of Orissa, defence officials said. The Trishul was fired a day after the Indian military tested its surface-to-air missile, Akash, at the same location of […]

BMD Focus: Leapfrog race against death

United Press International, WASHINGTON: When President Ronald Reagan first unfolded the vision of ballistic missile defense a quarter century ago, his vision was of an “Astrodome defense” — the high-tech equivalent of an impregnable fortification that could and would protect […]

India Successfully Tests Surface To Air Missile

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Bhubaneshwar, India:India successfully tested Wednesday a surface-to-air missile for the second time in five days from a coastal range in the east of the country, a defence official said. The domestically developed Akash missile was fired from the […]

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