A top US Senator has strongly pushed for selling the state-of-the-art Guardian drones to India which “is going to be the next great thing of defence collaboration” between both countries.

Democrat Senator Mark Warner and his Republican colleague in the Senate Dan Sullivan, during a programme here asserted that the erstwhile Obama Administration and the US Congress designating India as a major defence partner is a significant step forward in taking the India-US relationship to the next level.

While the two lawmakers were strong on India-US co-operation in Asia Pacific region, in particular South China Sea, both appeared to be quite soft to when it came to India’s interest with regard to terrorist safe havens in Pakistan which has been responsible for a number of terrorist attacks from across the border.

Senator Sullivan argued the case for joint military operation by India and the US in areas of common interest.

India, notably has shown reluctance to such a proposal from the US so far.

Warner, who is Co-Chair of the Senate India caucus and Ranking member of powerful Senate Select Committee on Intelligence expressed his displeasure of the bureaucracy from the US State Department and Department of Defense in selling the guardian drones to India.

India had requested for purchase of significant number of guardian drones for maritime surveillance, especially in the Indian Ocean.

“I have been frustrated with the Defence and State Department in terms of the sale of guardian drones. This is going to be the next great thing of defence collaboration,” Warner said, as he expressed his disappointment over what he said India’s inability to absorb the requirement of 30 per cent offset.

“Major Defence Partnership” which he said moves India into the category of non-NATO type ally, “is a great step in the right direction.”

“Actually this (Major Defence Partner) status that is unique to India. The idea is to actually institutionalise (the relationship),” Sullivan said in his remarks at the Widrow Wilson Center, a top American think-tank.

Responding to a question on Pakistan, Warner said while India and the US have a very strong relationship between the intelligence community, there is enormous concern not only about Pakistan’s role in unrest in Kashmir, but also the terrorist organisations from Pakistan.

Warner said that it is in the best interest of Pakistan not to differentiate between different groups of terrorists.

Praising India’s patience, Warner said India today has risen to a place where it sees itself as a major international partner. “I want to send a strong message that Pakistani can’t play” both ways, supporting one group of terrorists one hand and taking action against the others,” he said.

Sullivan said there is always an area of common interest with India.

“I believe we can have strong relationship with both countries particularly in the area of international terrorism,” he said.

Editor Note: It is a shame that our senators (who have nothing better to do than to fuel an arms race) are busy arming countries with zero contribution to war on terror and supported communism for 50 years against us during cold war. And While our first and number one ally has been fighting our war on terror for last 17 years, paid heavy price for it with over 60,000+ civilians dead because of relentless terrorist and illegal drone attacks, over 3000+ soldiers dead, deployed over 100K soldiers on its western border (largest deployment after NATO countries), over $120 Billion damage to economy and infrastructure and we continue to neglect and ignore it, just like we neglected Afghanistan after USSR. And then we wonder why we have the problems that we have… it is a shame.


  1. The editor is totally off, Pakistan has no friends. They helped spread nuclear technology to rogue nations, They harbored Osama Bin Laden. They refused to engage in any meaningful attacks on the Taliban prior to US drone strikes, thier intelligence service still helps the Taliban with Logistics and intel. Paki has no friends. I do not believe we should sell anything to India but we should never trust Pakistan

    • Actually, the editor is on point and with exception of some of the figures (could be higher/different, etc.), its 100% accurate analysis of the situation. Actually, he is missing a lot of information which may not have been relevant to DT. Whether Pakistan has friends or not, is not even an issue here so what are you talking about? Pakistan has more friends than you could ever imagine. The world is even more sick and tired of the war/fear/lie/hate/deception/terror/debt mongering Zionists and their slaves (like india and neocons in USA) than countries like Pakistan who are self-reliant, tough and do what is necessary to protect their interest. Whether that is in form of supporting the taliban government when US left Afghanistan to wolves or deploying troops to kill indian RAW/NDS/Mossad supported terrorists in form of TTP.

      When you have friends like China, Russia, you don't need any other friends. Without Pakistan, west/NATO cannot do anything significant in Afghanistan. They can of course play the game of destabilizing pakistan, carrying out terrorist attacks on civilian population, attacking remote army bases which protect pakistan from taliban and indian insurgents but that is about it.

      As far as your comment on OBL, i guess you are on the government cool-aid, keep licking on them lies like horse licks on salt bricks.

      • Ok genius you explain how he (UBL) built a compound next to the national training academy without the government knowing? Grow up. Pakistan is a vile awful country. Your pompus winbagging serves no purposes nor does dispute the facts. Go ahead piss off America , they will level your country and walk away as in Libya Iraq Syria Afghanistan. Americans do not care if you live or die.

        • He didn't. OBL died shortly after US attacked Afghanistan… like I said, if you believe gov's lies then there is no hope for you. You will only repeat the lies as you lack the ability to think critically and question the official narrative. To hide one lie, you have to tell 1000 lies and this is what you see with government's (and by extension CIA/Media) story.

          Pakistan is a nuclear nation and it will defend itself… America only attacks poor, weak and defenseless countries like Iraq, Yemen, somalia, Libya because they cannot fight back. Pakistan has the nukes and means to deliver those nukes. Which other country is bullying the world today and world is totally handicapped and cannot deal with it? That country is 10 times more poor and weak than Libya, Iraq, etc. but has means to defend itself… North Korea.

          • Ok your just nuts. what a freaking loser you are. You are blocked I dont talk to the mentally ill.

          • hahaha, resort to name calling when you are losing argument and can't defend it with logic, facts and truth. Explain why isn't US attacking North korea? The threat is there, it posses massive threat to south korea, japan and US troops in those countries so why focus on poor, defenseless, weak nations in the desert? Because the war/fear/lie/hate/deception/terror mongering zionists and their neocon slaves only want imperialism where people live in mud houses and have no means to defend themselves from an aggressor and global bully.

            They lie to you and then you come on these forums defending those lies and half-truths and making total ass out of yourself for your masters, for nothing.

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