MOSCOW: Sukhoi Company has started implementing state contract on Su-35S multifunctional highly maneuverable fighter jets delivery to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The contract was signed last August at the MAKS 2009 aerospace show on the delivery of 48 Sukhoi Su-35S before 2015 to the Defense Ministry. This is the largest purchase of modern fighter jets by the Russian Air Force in the past two decades.

The Sukhoi’s Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association (KnAAPO) in accordance with the approved schedule has already started production of component parts. Contracts were signed with sub-contractors for supply of necessary units, mechanisms and equipment. The assembly of the first serial planes is scheduled for 2010.

Long-term contracts for the fighter aircraft delivery to the Russian Air Force and foreign customers allow Sukhoi Company to provide for a steady work load of its serial plants by combat aircraft production and make a shift from modernizing aircraft in the Russian Air Force inventory to production of new products.

Delivery of new Su-35S fighter jets will strengthen the country’s defense potential and allow re-arming of combat aviation.

The Su-35 is a substantially modernized highly maneuverable multifunctional 4++ generation aircraft employing technologies of the 5th generation. They make it superior to all other 4th generation fighter jets now under development worldwide.

The distinctive feature of Su-35 is the employment of a new suite of onboard instruments. Its core is the information management system, which integrates onboard subsystems into a single complex, a new phased array radar system with long-range aerial target detection. The radar control system detects and tracks an increased number of targets retaining continuity of space observation and targets engagement. Su-35 is powered by new engines with an increased thrust and a vectored thrust nozzle. It has a low observability and it is armed with new types of weapons.