The first in a batch of Su-34 production frontline bombers to be delivered in 2013 to the Russian Air Force under the State Defense Order for the year was delivered by the Sukhoi Company. Following the handover ceremony at the airfield of the Novosibirsk-based V.P. Chkalov aviation plant of Sukhoi, the aircraft departed for its assigned home base. Several more Su-34 bombers will be delivered to the Russian Air Force shortly.

The work to fulfill the 2013 State Defense Order is in full swing at the Novosibirsk aviation plant. The plant management confirms a high level of production readiness of the aircraft that enables timely fulfillment of the 2013 State Defense Order to the utmost. Thanks to the sizeable government orders for Su-34 aircraft placed by the Russian Defense Ministry in 2008 and 2010, the Novosibirsk plant has secured a steady workload for years to come. These orders determined its long-term prospects development.
The Su-34 produced by the Novosibirsk plant has been used successfully in the army. In the opinion of the military, aircraft that were delivered in 2012, show high performance. The Sukhoi Company pays special attention to the maintenance of high combat readiness and mastery of the combat use of the Su-34.

A conference on the operation of the aircraft in the Russian Air Force was held in April at the “Baltimore” air base in the city of Voronezh. It was attended by representatives of the United Aircraft Corporation, the Sukhoi Company, the 1st Air Force and Air Defense Command, combat units operating the Su-34, as well as top managers and representatives of enterprises developing and manufacturing parts and components of the aircraft.

The main indicator of the reliability of the aircraft (time period between failures on the ground and in the air) proved to correspond to the stated characteristics. A protocol was signed at the end of the conference, providing for the adoption of specific measures to improve flight and technical, ergonomics and performance characteristics of the aircraft; its serviceability, reliability and durability.