This April 27-30, Istanbul will host the 9th International Defense Industry Fair, IDEF 2009. It will be held under the auspices and with the support of the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey. Its immediate sponsor is the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and TUYAP Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc., the largest exhibition operator.

The major Russian ad hoc exporter of weapons and military equipment, Rosoboronexport, is a regular participant in this show.

IDEF 2009
DefenceTalk Pictures from the IDEF 2009 Defense Show: 9th International Defense Industry Fair/Exibition held in Turkey.

By all means, the IDEF is currently one of the largest regional defense industry shows. In 2007, it was visited by over 40,000 experts and 264 official delegations from 46 countries. Back then, about 500 companies from 48 countries of the world took part in the work of the show.

At IDEF 2009, Rosoboronexport will deploy its exposition in Pavilion No. 3 where it will show a range of modern specimens of air, naval, army, air defense weapons and military equipment, including precision weapons, that have broad export potential. The delegation of the largest Russian exporter of final weapon specimens and systems will not only present achievements of the Russian defense industry enterprises, but will also meet high-ranking officials of the countries participating in the exhibition and eventual buyers, will arrange for presentations of the best specimens of military equipment.

These events will pursue further the course towards strengthening the Russian-Turkish military-technical cooperation reflected in the Declaration signed to summarize the results of the February negotiations between Turkish President Abdulla Gul and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow.

At the same time, Russia continues to expand structural interaction in the sphere of military-technical cooperation with other states of the area as well, including with the NATO countries. This work is based on the balance of forces and security in the area.

Proceeding from the interests of eventual buyers in the area, Rosoboronexport will show, at the IDEF 2009, new specimens of rotary-wing aircraft, including the Ka-52A combat two-seater helicopter. It features a high maneuverability and dependable use in mountains for the account of coaxial main rotors. The helicopter is equipped with a powerful weapon system that can be used day and night and modern avionics. The radar and optoelectronic systems solve detection, target designation, mapping and navigation problems. The integrated airborne communications system provides for secure data transmission and exchange of real-time combat and flight information as between helicopters forming a serial, so between helicopters and ground control posts. The helicopter is armed with air-to-surface guided missiles with a hitting range of up to 15 km, air-to-air missiles and unguided weapons: airborne rockets and a 30-mm gun with the ordnance payload of 460 rounds.

The line of rotary-wing aircraft is represented by the advanced Mi-35M operational support transport helicopter equipped with an up-to-date airborne optronic equipment system to ensure its round-the-clock tactical employment that enables efficient attainment of combat tasks with the use of guided and unguided weapons.

Amongst the exhibited specimen products of the Russian MIC that have high export potential, customers are expected to show interest in information on the army equipment. First of all, this is the T-90S main battle tank, BMP-ZM infantry combat vehicle, BTR-90 armored personnel carrier, TIGER high-mobility armored multipurpose vehicle, SMERCH 300-mm multiple launch rocket system, MSTA-S 152-mm self-propelled howitzer, close-combat small arms and grenade launchers.

It is beyond doubt that the highly-maneuverable modernized BMP-ZM infantry combat vehicle will come into notice of experts and visitors of the fair. Installation of a sighting system with a thermal imaging camera and an automatic target tracker drastically improved the efficiency of weapon employment consisting of a combined 100-mm smoothbore gun-missile launcher, 30-mm automatic gun and 7.62-mm machine gun assembled in a single stabilized weapon unit, as well as of two 7.62-mm bow machine guns. The IUSSh-688 chassis information management system and a new UTD-32 engine with an automatic gearbox made it possible to improve the operational and ride performance of the modernized vehicle.

To its present and potential partners, Rosoboronexport commends materials about the world-renowned modernized multiple launch rocket systems. High requirements of the contemporary armed struggle meet SMERCH 300-mm MLRS with a firing range of up to 90 km and GRAD 122-mm MLRS with a firing range of over 40 km. They are capable of knocking out practically all kinds of present-day ground targets with a minimum consumption of rocket projectiles and in a short time of preparation and high-precision firing.

At its stand, Rosoboronexport will also present air defense weapons. A high export potential have the TOR-M2E short-range SAM system and the BUK-M2E medium-range SAM system that are capable of effectively killing airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles and high-precision weapons.

Amongst the guided weapon systems (GWS), 152-mm KRASNOPOL GWS, 155-mm KM-1 KRASNOPOL GWS, KM-1M KRASNOPOL-M2, KM-8 GRAN guided weapon system for 120-mm and 122-mm mortars, KM-3 KITOLOV-2M guided weapon system are worthy of notice.

The line of small arms and close combat weapons is represented by widely known grenade launchers, including with multicaliber ammunition, various modifications of the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle, including the so-called “hundredth” series – 5.56-mm AK-101 and AK-102 and 7.62-mm AK-103 and AK-104.

With regard to the geographical position of many countries of the area that have a lengthy coast line, Rosoboronexport advertizes guided-missile, patrol and assault landing ships and motor boats, coast defense ships, diesel-electric submarines, torpedoes, mines, missiles, coastal surveillance systems and mobile coastal missile system.

In this sector, the export potential of Russia is very high thanks to the well-reputed project 636 submarines and new submarines of the Amur family. For instance, Amur-1650 is a modern diesel-electric submarine. It offers a low level of noise emission and a 45 days’ cruising capacity. Its distinguishing feature is its capability of delivering missile salvo strikes against subsurface and surface targets. The major strike weapon of the submarine is its up-to-date Club-S integrated missile weapon system with a firing range exceeding 200 km. Apart from missiles, the combat stock of the submarine includes all-purpose torpedoes and mines.

Customers take an active interest in the project 11661 Gepard-3.9 multipurpose frigate of Russian manufacture. It is designed to hunt for surface, subsurface and aerial targets. The ship is able to operate independently or as part of a naval group, to carry out convoy operations, to perform patrol duty, to guard a maritime boundary and an economic zone. A new version of Gepard-3.9 makes use of the stealth technology.

It is Russia who bears the palm in creation of projects 183R and 205RE missile boats which stirred up a “revolution” in the naval schooling by proving that small ships can also effectively turn the course of naval hostilities through employment of high-precision missile weapon systems. Without stopping at what has been accomplished, the Russian industry developed new project 12300 Scorpion missile boats and project 20970 Katran patrol boats. They are intended for killing hostile combat surface ships, boats and transport vessels as independently, so as part of a naval striking force.

For the period leading up to 2010, a keen demand is expected for patrol boats. In this sector, Russian MIC enterprises have things to offer to their foreign buyers. An unparalleled achievement of the Russian science and shipbuilding is the project 14310 Mirage patrol boat. Its distinction is high speed and seagoing performance provided for the account of a system of controllable spoilers installed thereon. It has no match in the world.

An important place in the exposition is devoted to various variants of modernization of weapons and military equipment supplied abroad previously. This is a full package of already implemented technical ideas aimed at building-up combat and operating performances of weapons and military equipment, their furnishing with night vision devices, navigation systems, means of reconnaissance and communication, upgrading the level of automation of the weapons control processes.

Rosoboronexport is a unique Russian exporter of the whole spectrum of military and dual-purpose products, services and technologies. The Company’s history is 55 years long, and it cooperates with more than 70 states worldwide. Today, it is part of the Russian Technologies State Corporation. Rosoboronexport accounts for over 80 percent of the total Russian military export. In 2008, Rosoboronexport supplies of military goods to foreign customers exceeded USD 6.7 billion, and the volume of export orders increased to USD 27 billion odd. Amongst the world exporters of weapons and military equipment, Russia ranks firmly next to the USA and surpasses the leading European countries.