Russia has unveiled a new battle tank, the Armata T-14, ahead of the country’s World War Two Victory Day celebrations.

2,300 of the next-generation tanks are expected to be brought in by 2020, modernizing 70 per cent of the Russian fleet.

They’ll have 125mm guns that can fire laser-guided missiles and shells at a range of 16,000 ft.

The T-14 also features an unmanned, remote-controlled turret which, it has been suggested, could lead to the creation of a fully-robotic battle vehicle.

The tanks will feature alongside several other new types of weapons system in what’s expected to be the largest miltary parade ever held.

200 armoured vehicles, 150 combat aircraft and 15,000 Russian troops are set to be involved, along with 1,300 more from other countries including Serbia, China and India.
Russia Unveils Next-Generation ‘Armata’ Tank

But it won’t be attended by the country’s World War Two allies – Britain, France and the United States, with most Western leaders refusing to go to Moscow in light of the crisis in Ukraine.

It’ll take place on May 9, the day after Britain celebrates the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day, which marked the end of the Second World War on the continent after Soviet and Allied armies defeated Nazi Germany.