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Singapore to decide on fighter plane purchase early next year

AFP, SINGAPORE: Singapore expects to decide early next year on its choice of 20 new combat planes worth over one billion US dollars to replace its ageing fighter fleet, Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean said in remarks released here Friday. […]

Navy to Get World-Class Navigation System

UK Ministry of Defence, Royal Navy ships are to receive a world-class electronic chart and navigation system, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced today.   A

Part of the Fleet of Model 87 (Leopard) Tanks for Sale

Swiss Ministry of Defence, Among other consequences, the army

Greece Orders MICA, Scalp Missiles

MBDA, The Greek Ministry of Defence has formalized the contract for MBDA


, “Two prototypes have been ordered,” said Adm. Madhvendra Singh, theIndian navy chief of staff. “These aircraft are expected to beoperational by 2009-10.” The naval variant of the LCA differs from the air force version by virtueof its stronger fuselage, […]

''Saddam's Capture Offers No Reprieve from Insurgency''


Muslims in Europe face widespread abuse

IHT, Religious freedom   WASHINGTON The State Department's fifth Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, released on Dec. 18, shows a frightening increase in anti-Muslim attitudes in several European countries, including some of America's strongest allies. The report cites the […]

No camouflage will work

Jordan Times, A REPORT published in the US press, saying that the new US embassy in Baghdad would be staffed with 3,000 officers reveals that Washington intends to continue exerting indirect control over Iraq after the occupation regime formally transfers

IMF alarmed by U.S. foreign debt


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