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Arrow Missile Intercepts Ballistic Target

Israel Ministry of Defence, Another test of the Arrow weapon system was conducted successfully today. This was the eleventh Arrow Interceptor test and the sixth test of the complete weapon system.   It was a routine development test as part of […]

Headscarves: The Ball Is Now in Chirac

AFP, PARIS, 16 December 2003

Saddam or the Occupation: The Reasons for Insurgency


Bush is still in a real hole

The Guardian, The US president is facing a financial nightmare of his own making, and needs all the good news he can get The Bush administration must take care not to spend High Value Target Number One all at once […]

''Iraqis Further Disillusioned With U.S.-led Coalition''


'America, You Must Be Born Again'


Meanwhile, in Iraq the slaughter goes on

The Independent, Many had hoped the capture of Saddam Hussein would put an end to the insurgency that has been carrying out deadly attacks against US troops and Iraqi targets. But any such wishfulness was swiftly crushed when suicide bombers […]

Israel successfully tests missile

AP, The Israeli army on Tuesday carried out a new test of a missile designed to shoot down ballistic missiles in flight, the defence ministry said, adding that the operation was successful. The ministry said that the missile, named Hetz […]

Indra Develops US F/A-18 Maintenance Systems for Boeing

Indra Systems, Indra Systems will participate in the development and production of the systems for the US Navy

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