MND vows to merge nation's six military academies by 2012

, Taiwan's six military academies will be merged into a single university within 10 years as part of the military's restructuring and modernization campaign,...

Military to get modern gear, says Musharraf

, QUETTA: President General Pervez Musharraf said on Tuesday that the country

IAF gets ambitious, expansion waits

, NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 7: With only three years to go, the Indian Air Force

WMD: 'You have got to be kidding

, BAGHDAD - To the surprise of few, the head of the Central Intelligence Agency-led survey group hunting for weapons of mass destruction in...

Bitter Iraqi vents anger by killing U.S. troops

, Every day, he tries to kill American soldiers. Sometimes, from a hideout in the rattling reeds and bulrushes of the fertile Euphrates valley,...

Brazil meets bidders in fighter jet tender

, BRASILIA, Brazil (Reuters) - Brazil's Air Force met Thursday with five groups competing to sell Brazil fighter jets worth up to $700 million,...

Mideast and the lesson of history

, Following the suicide bombing in Israel

US Opposes Syria


''Israel's Foray into Syria …. "

, Israel's attack Sunday on Syria represents a sharp change in policy by Tel Aviv. Failing to pacify its Palestinian population, the Sharon government...

Israel Is Losing

, I talked recently with an American who had just returned from more than 20 years in Israel. We did not talk for the...