1. Dino van Doorn

    Canadian Twin Otter operations over Alaska

    CC-138 Twin Otter from 440 Squadron performs a reconnaissance mission in order to access the ice camp establishment potential in the vicinity of Deadhorse, Alaska video credit: Cpl. Hugo Montpetit Video enhanchement: GMAP.Nl
  2. A

    French Special Forces - never surrender

    Content deleted because it breaks Forum rules on fanboy posts and posts not being in the English language. Ngatimozart.
  3. Y

    Military Questions for a novel

    Not sure if this is in the correct section but here goes. So I'm currently writing a story and I'm trying to understand how a certain situation would be handled in real life. So the situation in the story: There is a clandestine US research facility hidden in the mountains of Japan. Some...
  4. S

    Re-Engining Fighter/Strike Aircraft - considerations

    Does anyone know what issues/problems/safety risks might be encountered by re-engining an aircraft i.e. removing the engine out of the engine bay and upgrading to another engine? Ive been asked to look into this as a fact finding mission at work so if anyone has any info stored up in their...
  5. A

    Is it possible to enlist in a foreign country's military?

    I was reading a post by another member asking what military he should enlist in. He was an Aussie (Judging by how he mentioned HSC) and he had asked whether he should join the ADF, British or French forces.. If enlisting in another military is possible (especially British), I'd be interested...
  6. P

    Cheonan sinking marks 1st anniversary

    YouTube - Cheonan sinking marks 1st anniversary (Tell the truth-천안함 진실) South Korea plans to hold a series of commemorative events next week to mark the first anniversary of the sinking of the corvette Cheonan, which North Korea torpedoed in March last year, killing 46...
  7. P

    'Dawn of Gulf of Aden' - S. Korean President Lee's Bold Decision

    YouTube - 21/01/2011Remark on Rescue operation of Samho Jewelry International community is applauding President Myung-bak Lee as his bold decision led to the rescue of all 21 sailors aboard the South Korean freighter Samho Jewelry, hijacked by Somali Pirates. Many countries around...
  8. F

    Will Congress cut US Military Budget in 2011?

    I have been reading a lot of stuff on the internet mostly rumors saying the new Congress will cut not only the defense budget but also the overall size of the US military therefor weakening it. What ever happened to the plan to keep defense spending at current levels with 1-2% annual increases...
  9. P

    S. Korea-US Agree to Strengthen Military Cooperation

    Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staffs of Republic of Korea and the United States of America both agreed to respond with aggressiveness and clarity to exercise the right of self-defense in case of Another North Korean provocation. What an appropriate response it was. North Korean provocation...
  10. P

    High-tech winter gear for soldiers

    Two soldiers show off new winter clothing to be distributed to military personnel featuring new, digitally-rendered camouflage and extra insulation, at the Ministry of National Defense in Seoul, Monday.
  11. P

    130 Korean Elite Troops to Be Deployed to UAE

    A combined 130 Korean elite troops will be deployed to the United Arab Emirates by year’s end to teach special combat, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday. The troops will be the first military unit deployed by Korea for the purpose of “software exports” to a country not engaged in a war...
  12. P

    North Korean troops fire into South Korea: reports

    North Korean troops fired across the border into South Korean territory on Friday, media reports said. YTN television said the shooting occurred in Hwacheon, about 90 km (56 miles) northeast of Seoul. Yonhap news agency said the firing was in the direction of a South Korean military unit...
  13. P

    'Controversy over South Korea`s sunken ship'

    A bostonian commented on the two professors' Nature article as follows. The problematic experiment of professors Seung-heon Lee and Panseok Yang.. Lee‘s main argument is based on the SEM, EDS and XRD data taken from a 300 mesh (maximum size 85 micrometers) aluminum powder that was...
  14. P

    1st S.Korea-Led Anti-Proliferation Drill Starts Next Week

    The first multinational Proliferation Security Initiative exercise led by South Korea will be staged in waters off Busan on Oct. 13-14 as a response to North Korea's torpedo attack on the Navy corvette Cheonan in March. Fourteen other countries including the U.S., Japan, Australia, Canada and...
  15. P

    Why they're trying to help North Korea?

    Thomas C. Hubbard, the former U.S ambassador to Korea refuted the remark of the former U.S ambassador to Korea Donald P. Greg who said "Cheonan incident might be an accident", Hubbard publicly criticized Greg's argument saying "The remark of Greg is not convincing because basically the...
  16. P

    Korea-U.S. Naval Drill Gets Underway

    A massive joint South Korea-U.S. naval exercise kicked off in the East Sea on Sunday in response to North Korea's torpedo attack on the South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan in March. A military spokesman said Korean and U.S. warships including the 97,000-ton nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft...
  17. P

    Thank you for the help!!

    June 25Th was The 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. 60 years ago, South Korea faced demolition due to a surprise attack by the North. Back then, South Korea was militarily inferior to the North, and was unprepared against such an attack. It was evident that South Korea was...