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The T-80BVM is revealed. It's as I speculated, they simply applied the T-72B3M package to the T-80BV. The results are predictable, but ultimately a solid improvement, with better protection, better comms, better optics, and a better FCS. Incidentally the T-90M is currently undergoing state trials and the T-80BVM is preparing for state trials.

EDIT: A closer look at the T-80BVM and T-90M. Note the T-90M is the domestic variant of the T-90MS/SM.
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A contract has been signed for upgrades to BMP-2 and BMD-2s installing the Berezhok and Bereg modules, with new optics, FCS, panoramic sights, and Kornet ATGM modules on the sides of the turret.

Gur Khan attacks!: РоÑтех и Минобороны подпиÑали контракт на модернизацию 540 БМП-2 и БМД-2

Some T-90BVs have unexpectedly shown up in the 4th Tank Div, which was previously entirely equipped with T-80Us. It's possible they will be the first recipient of the T-80BVM.

A new 57mm combat module from Burevestnik, with a bigger combat load. They're still allergic to adding ATGMs to their modules, which is odd given the pattern of Kornet modules on the sides of practically all other Russian combat modules being rolled out (Berezhok, Bereg, Bumerang-BM, Epoha). The multi-platform approach is interesting as well, given the prospective 57mm AAA being developed under OKR Derivatsiya.

West-2017 exercises are the debut for the T-72B3 mod. 2017, T-80BVM, T-90M, and even the BMPT variant that the MoD is allegedly buying, with the ridiculous 5-man crew but the updated armor on the ATGM modules.

Some materials on the new Sosna SHORAD for the PVO-SV.

Gur Khan attacks!: ЗРК "СоÑна" (видео)


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Some updates.

The truck-mounted version of the Coalition-SV howitzer has been rolled out. It looks much like expected, featuring a lightly armored Kamaz truck for a chassis. It's unclear whether this is the final chassis as it's possible that an up-armored MRAP-style Kamaz variant will end up used for the final variant.

A new arty bde has been formed in Kolomna. It may or may not inherit the brand new Kornet BMP-3 based ATGM carriers. Up until now the arty bde's have taken Khrizantema ATGM carriers, and it was speculated that the new Kornet is meant for motor-rifle anti-tank btlns.

The newly formed 30th Motor-Rifles is apparently experimenting with an infantry btln mounted on unarmored UAZ-Patrior pickup trucks. The intent seems to be to integrate the raiding tactics seen in Syria into a mech and armored formation. Personally I think this would have been more appropriate for a recon btln, especially since every Motor-Rifle Bde already has one.

A new independent 171-st Para-Assault btln has been formed in Crimea. It will be the nucleus of a new, 3rd, regiment for the 7th VDV Division.

The Kalinigrad region is finally getting the Iskander-M, being one of the last units in the Russian armed forces to get the missile.

Apparently 3 brigades of SAMs for the Land Forces Air Defense have been re-armed with the new Buk-M3 SAM. One in the Far East, one in South MD, and one in West MD near Kursk (right next to Ukraine).


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Looks like Putin has a hankering for the days of the Soviets. He has instituted a political wing within the Russian Army to encourage soldiers patriotism. This harkens back to the days of the political commissar - zampolit(y) who ensured that the troops were politically educated, ensuring their loyalty to the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union). There is also the Yunarmiya, a patriotic military youth organization sponsored by Defence Ministry which IMO harkens back to the CPSU youth organisation, Komsomol.


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Magnolia is a "new" SP Arty piece for the Arctic brigades. I put new in quotation marks because it's fairly obvious that the artillery component shares great commonality with the 2S31 Vena, and 2S42 Lotos. It will be ironic if the VDV and Arctic brigades get the advanced SP Gun/Mortar combo that the Land Forces decided to forgo.

120-мм самоходное орудие "Магнолия" на базе двухзвенного транспортера ДТ-30МП

It appears that there is a move to up-armor existing Russian ground vehicles. The T-72B is getting the rear turret ERA and cage armor of the T-72B2 mod '17. Also announced was the purchase of extra armor including cage armor and armor panels for the BMP-3.

Finally, presented at Army-2019 is the BTR-82AT. This is an up-armored BTR-82A with cage armor, and additional armor panels.

Танки Т-72Б с дополнительными комплектами защиты
"Тройка" будет с экранами и решетками
Модернизированный бронетранспортер БТР-82АТ

A contract was signed for upgrading ~100 T-90 tanks to the T-90M standard. It's likely that this is an upgrade of the older T-90 tanks, not the newer T-90A models. It's also likely that to get these tanks upgraded will involve replacing the turrets entirely, which opens the question of what they will do with the T-90 turrets. After all they're keeping T-72B tanks in service for now, they could replace their turrets with the T-90 ones.

Контракт на модернизацию танков Т-90А в модификацию Т-90М

It also appears that the BMP-1 upgrade remains in the works, the BMP-1AM. It involves an upgraded combat module standardized with the BTR-82A. It's a quick and cheap upgrade that makes a certain amount of sense... just not for Russia, in my opinion.

New standardized minelayers were presented at Army-2019, one on a tank chassis, one on an armored truck, and one on a 4X4 MRAP chassis.

A new barrel-fired ATGM is in the works for the T-14, allegedly with a fire and forget capability.

New tank barrels and new APSFDS rounds are being produced for the T-62 and T-62M tanks. It appears that Russia intends to retain the type for reservists/territorial defense units.


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A front silhouette of Soviet and Russian FMBT prototypes, showing their relative sizes. From left to right we have:

Object 148 (Armata/T-14) Obj. 195 (T-95) Obj. 477 (OKR Nota) Obj. 490A (OKR Bokser/OKR Molot) Obj. 299 (Leader 2000-2005) Obj. 640 (the Black Eagle) Object 187 (the T-90 competitor) Object 292 (the original attempt to mount a 152mm tank gun on a T-80 tank).

Опытные советские и постсоветские танки, ранжированные по высоте: «Армата» вторая по этому параметру


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Some updates.

The Northern Fleet operates a platoon of T-80BVM tanks (it was speculated by CAST that this variant is not actually the BVM but a slightly different modification specifically for the naval infantry units, without the giant side skirts, so they can fit on current BDKs), and they have recently been sighted moving around the far north. This is likely part of their experimental exploitation process.

Gur Khan attacks!: Т-80ВБМ в Дудинке

Information surfaced in media recently that T-90M tanks are already being delivered to the Russian ground forces. However evidence is lacking, and it appears to have been a case of someone mis-speaking in an interview. However another statement recently made by a UVZ representative was that the T-90M would be the main tank for the Russian armed forces, while the Armata remains under continued development. Since we know that LRIP on the T-14 has already started, it may be that the two will serve side by side, or that the T-14 is going to remain in LRIP and extended trials for some time yet.

Флоксы пойдут в серию , а Т-90М будет основным танком вместо Арматы.

3 new regiments have been formed in West MD, including the completed formation of a tank and motor-rifle regiments, as well as an engineers regiment. Note, these are not new plans, merely the continuing development of the divisions that were announced in the past.

Западный военный округ серьёзно усиливается.


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Some more updates.

A T-72B3M was spotted with what looks like Arena-M blocks on the turret. The system was supposedly undergoing trials on T-72B3 tanks for the past couple of years. It's possible those trials are nearing completion.

Танк Т-72Б3 с комплексом активной защиты Т09-06

Another contract has been signed for 168 BMP-3s. 53 are to be delivered in 2020, and 115 in 2021. This is the third contract for BMP-3 production, since procurement of the type was resumed in 2015. Previous two contracts of "about 200" vehicles were signed and completed in 2016-17 and 2018-19. This contract was announced previously as an upcoming contract for "about 150" vehicles. This new contract calls for an upgraded variant with improved protection and improved FCS. It's possible that the improved protection is just new side skirts. Also a separate contract was signed for the overhaul of 97 "early production" BMP-3s. It's not completely clear what this refers to, but there are a couple hundred BMP-3s from the early-90s sitting at a central storage facility in Center MD. It's possibly that 97 of them are being returned to service in this manner.

Контракт еще на 168 боевых машин пехоты БМП-3

The 200th Motor-Rifles has taken a batch of T-80BVM tanks. This is the first full btln of the type to go into service. One more btln is contracted, and will likely go to either the 80th Motor-Rifles or the 61st Marine Bde.

200-я отдельная мотострелковая бригада перевооружена модернизированными танками Т-80БВМ

EDIT: The experiment with light btlns on unarmored 4X4 platforms continues. It seems the "victims" of this experiment are single btlns in the airborne-assault brigades.

Нивы - технички
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Despite the lack of next generation platforms, deployment of upgraded T-72s, and BMP-3s continues. The 150th Motor-Rifles division seems to be equipped with primarily BMP-3s and T-72B3Ms.

На главном направлении

Khrizantema SP ATGM carriers continue to be delivered to the Russian armed forces, but the delivery pace is glacial, considering their size. Another btln has been re-armed, this time near Kaliningrad. This is the 4th btln, and including training vehicles, there's likely over 80 total in service now.

Хризантемы в Калининграде.
Самоходные противотанковые ракетные комплексы «Хризантема-С» в Калининграде

Russia is about to get their first fire and forget ATGM, but it's fired through a tank barrel, and it looks like it might be primarily meant for the T-14, though trials are also being conducted using the existing A46M gun.

Испытания перспективного российского танкового комплекса управляемого вооружения «Сокол-В»
«Сокол» взлетает

Deliveries of Buk-M3 to the land forces continue, with another btln re-armed in Center MD. The choice of location is curious. In theory this is the top of the line Buk variant, that should be going to the most active units, but instead it's being deployed in the rear-most military district.

61-я зенитная ракетная бригада в Центральном военном округе получает ЗРК «Бук-М3»

Another shot has surfaced of the Magnolia SP Arty for the Arctic brigades. As a reminder, it's the combat module of the 2S31 Vena, mounted on a new chassis.

Gur Khan attacks!: Свежие фото "Магнолии"

The 448th Missile Bde has received Iskander-Ms, and if my count is correct, this should be the last Missile Bde to re-arm, completely phasing out the older Tochka and Tochka-U.

Искандеры 448-й ракетной бригады.


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The first party of 4 Coalition-SV howitzers are going to "troop trials". What exactly this verbiage refers to is unclear, and the numbers are strange. Batteries are 6 howitzers, and there are factory trials, state trials, and experimental exploitation conducted in a line unit. Perhaps this is the latter. Note there interesting looking boxes on the sides of the turret. They appear to be radars.

On a side note, state trials are expected to be completed in 2020.

На Урале завершаются испытания самоходной артиллерийской установки «Коалиция-СВ».
Стало известно, когда завершатся испытания гаубиц «Коалиция-СВ»

Some motor-rifle units are beginning to swap their 2S1 howitzers for Msta-SM howitzers. Production of new 2S19M2 and upgrade of existing 2S19 to the M1 standard has been going on for some time.

Gur Khan attacks!: САУ 2С1 "Гвоздика" отправляют на покой, вместо них пришли новые "Мста-СМ"

State trials for the T-90M were supposed to complete before years' end in 2019. If this deadline was met, we can expect to see the first line btln shortly.

Gur Khan attacks!: Испытания нового танка Т-90М «Прорыв» завершатся до конца 2019 года

Experimental exploitation contracts have been signed for the Kurganets and Bumerang tracked and wheeled platforms. Likely this means LRIP batches of each to go to an army unit (likely the Tamanskaya Motor-Rifles). This is a bit odd, since there was recent information that the armored body for the Bumerang would need some reworking. The wording is a bit odd though, and there is information that the Bumerang would soon be undergoing ballistic and blast trials as part of state trials.

Минобороны подписало контракты на поставку БМП «Курганец-25» и БТР «Бумеранг»
Gur Khan attacks!: Результаты испытаний: "Бумеранги" получат обновленные бронекорпуса
Завершены предварительные испытания машин на колесной платформе "Бумеранг"

Some footage of the true Epoha module, with the 57mm low-velocity cannon, and the Bulat small guided missiles. It's an odd design, all things considered.

С показа новинок техники

The latest batch of T-80BVM tanks has been delivered. I believe that we now have one pltn in the 61st Marine Bde, and one btln in the 80th Arctic Motor-Rifles.

Gur Khan attacks!: «Омсктрансмаш» отгрузил в войска очередную партию «арктических» танков Т-80БВМ


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The 7th btln of mixed BMD-4M and BTR-MDM have been delivered, to the 76th Airborne. Each btln has 31 BMD-4M and 8 BTR-MDM.

Седьмой батальон на БМД-4М

A batch of 2S19SM1 howitzers was delivered to the 144th Motor-Rifles. Note the M1 is a vintage 2S19 with upgrades performed, unlike the M2 which is a newly built and more significantly upgraded variant, including changes to the chassis.

Новая партия самоходных гаубиц 2С19М1

An Iskander-M missile fell on Kazakhstan after covering a distance of over 620kms, suggesting that the type has a range exceeding 500kms. It's unclear whether this is normal variant or possibly something being upgraded post-INF. Note, the Russian training ground is right next to the border, so total flight distance was ~650kms.

Баллистическая ракета комплекса "Искандер-М" упала в Казахстане, пролетев более 600 километров
Evgeniy Maksimov on Twitter

The Drozd-2 APS is being tested for unknown reasons. It's known that the MoD was previously looking at equipping the T-72B3 mod17 with Arena-M active protection.

Дрозд-2 подает признаки жизни

The first BMP-3s with 57mm guns, and the new Epoha module, are expected this year. This is a strange new combat module, carrying a low muzzle velocity cannon, and a new type of small guided missile called the Bulat.

Современные боевые машины поступят в Сухопутные войска в 2020 году

T-72B3M tanks are expected in Center MD. This is the lowest priority military district in general, so this suggests that most if not all the T-72s in West and South MDs have been upgraded.

Gur Khan attacks!: Танковая дивизия ЦВО под Челябинском до конца года получит 30 модернизированных танков Т-72Б3М

The Strelets command and control system was tested in cold weather conditions in Primorye. The status of the system is unclear. Some units were delivered to South MD quite some time ago, to facilitate coordination between ground forces recon, PVO SV units and the air force, but since then I have not heard much about it. I had assumed that it was a niche system, but perhaps it simply hasn't completed development yet.



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Im not sure where the appropriate forum for this is ,but this article I posting suggests that Russia will soon deploy a series of lectonic anti satellite jamming stations that will prevent the transmission by that satellite over Russia passing on data collected live woud this though effect satellites that monitor for missile launches ? and are any treaties covering this because obviously people dont shoot satellites from other countries that collect information overhead
Russian Space Agency Develops Efficient Countermeasures Against Orbital Surveillance | DefenceTalk


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Development continues on OKR Rytsar (Knight), an IFV for the Arctic Brigades.

Арктическую БМП "Рыцарь" создали в России

The Koalitsiya howitzer is still under development on heavy tracked and wheeled chassis, but apparently a lower muzzle velocity version adapted to the Bumerang and Kurganets chassis is also being developed.

Такие вот картинки

Some of Russians motor-rifles brigades are developing aero-mobile tactical groups for rapid response.

Аэромобильные группы в составе мотострелковых батальонов

We have our first indication that tactical nuclear warheads for the Iskander-M are in service.

Первое официальное признание наличия «Искандера-М» в ядерном снаряжении

EDIT: The T-90M has completed state trials. Let's see if deliveries begin. There are two contracts for ~45 new-built, and 20 upgraded, presumably from storage where the original T-90 models are kept.

Танк Т-90М успешно прошел госиспытания

A new version of the AU-220M module was shown. It now has the ATGMs in an armored case, instead of just hanging off the side. It's hard for me to tell the size from the photos, but I'm hoping they've replaced Ataka with the latest Kornet variant. I also still think the combat load of 80 rounds is too small.

Gur Khan attacks!: Концерн «Уралвагонзавод» на DEFEXPO-2020 впервые представил АУ-220М

The latest Svinets-2 and Mango-M APSFDS rounds are once again being shown publicly. Svinets produced two shells, S-1 and S-2, both APSFDS, one tungsten, one depleted uranium. However due to their increased length, they don't fit in standard Soviet auto-loaders. Russian T-72B3, and T-80BVMs, carry modified autoloaders (presumably T-90Ms too) to accomodate them. The Mango-M is clearly meant for export customers like India (who recently bought a bucket of un-modernized Mango APSFDS).

Gur Khan attacks!: Уничтожат любой танк:новейшие 3ВБМ23 "Свинец-2" и "Манго-М" покажут в Индии

Gur Khan attacks!: Новейший танк Т-90М "Прорыв" успешно прошел госиспытания
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So delivery of the first 10 T-90M tanks has been taken. Also 10 BMPTs have been handed over to the troops. It's unclear whether this is the same batch that was purchased last year and is now making it to line units, or a second batch of 10. Both are going to the 2nd Tamanskaya Motor-Rifles, which has also been busy testing the new Kurganets IFV.

Upgrades of the existing T-72 fleet also continue.

Some of the new units being formed over the past two years have taken deliver of Msta-B howitzers from storage, though it appears the trucks are new. Interestingly enough it appears that motor-rifle regiments now have a mixed artillery btln, with two batteries of howitzers and one of MLRS (most have Grad). It's interesting to note that Russia currently has no plans for a next generation towed cannon, despite the fact that both the VDV and the Naval Infantry intend to continue operating towed guns for the forseeable future.

There are two competing summaries of deliveries of major combat systems to the land forces. Please note the list provided by altyn73 is more complete, but includes equipment transferred between units (like the 4 btlns of T-72B3 that have gone to the VDV) and equipment pulled from storage (like the 4 btlns of T-80BV tanks that have replaced the T-72B3s in East MD). The total numbers of new and upgraded howitzers are also somewhat questionable, I suspect at least some represent transfers between units, and I suspect we're more likely looking at 1-2 btlns of upgraded 2S19M1s and one btln of new-built 2S19M2s. Either way, the upgraded Msta deliveries continue, and it's likely that the upgrade program at least will continue even if the Koalitsiya enters production.

The BTR-82AT will once again be presented at the Army forum, this time the 2020 one. It's being presented with new Russian domestic thermals (allegedly). I can't help but wonder if these are actually slated for procurement, or, like the BTR-87, a case of the industry trying to sell to a reluctant buyer.



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Another btln of BMD-4M, with plans for one more this year. While the rate of delivery is steady, it will be probably until the end of the decade before we can seriously start talking about phasing out the BMD-2s.

Over 120 T-72B3M are planned for delivery this year. This either means 3 btlns of 41 tanks for motor-rifle brigades, or 4 btlns of 31 tanks for motor-rifle regiments or armored units. No matter what happens with the Armata or the T-90M, upgraded T-72s will continue to be the mainstay of Russian armored formations for at least this decade, and will likely not disappear entirely for at least another 15-20 years. On the flip side, the current T-72B3M upgrade is quite solid and offers considerable improvements at a reasonable price tag. It looks like at least one btln will go to Abkhazia, whose T-90A are slated for upgrading to T-90M.

The Tayfun-VDV MRAP is nearing completion. This odd vehicle is being tested with a 30mm auto-cannon in an unmanned turret, and it's unclear where this vehicle will fit into their ORBAT.

Another btln of BTR-82A was spotted heading to the Kamchatka Marines. Parades and plans aside, BMP-3s, BTR-82As, upgraded T-72s, and new T-90s, this is the real future of the Russian ground forces.



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Russian ground forces plans for new equipment this year. Please note the list is not exhaustive, just the highlights of the GPV for the year.

- over 120 upgraded T-72B3M (like 123 or 124, 3 btlns of 41 or 4 btlns of 31, maybe a few extra regimental or brigade command tanks)
- over 100 new BMP-3s
- over 60 upgraded BMP-2Ms with Berezhok module
- over 130 new BTR-82As, and a total of over 460 BTR-82 and 82AM (note BTR-82AM is the designation for old BTR-80 hulls remanufactured into BTR-82s)
- over 30 Tayfun 4X4 MRAPs (it's not specified whether we're talking Ural or Kamaz, but given which one is constantly sighted in testing and trials, it's probably the Kamaz variant)
- over 15 Tigr-M armored cars with the Arbalet-DM RCWS
- over 35 Msta-SM 2S19M2 howitzers (it's likely 36 systems since 18 is one btln). The Msta-SM 2S19M2 (as opposed to the Msta-S 2S19M1) are new-built, not upgrades
- over 30 Tornado G and S MLRs (possibly two btlns again, for 36 systems)
- 6 tow boats BMK-MO, 6 tow boats BMK-15, and 17 tow boats BMK-MT for pontoon bridges

The ground forces have also received another batch of 8 Coalition-SV howitzers. Presumably this is part of the batch of 10 cannons produced at the end of 2019, and now making it to a line unit for experimental exploitation. State trials are supposed to conclude this year. What's interesting is that initially experimental exploitation was to be in West MD, but this batch went to Center-MD.

Development also continues of a wheeled version. It's a little strange that instead of developing a dedicated wheeled version, they're simply trying to adapt the turret from the tracked howitzers to a heavy truck chassis.

VPK, the company that produces Tigr-M armored cars has presented a new SP mortar using the Tigr-M chassis.

Some of the planned Msta-SM deliveries have already begun.

Two new vehicles are planned on the BTR-82 chassis, one is the Sosna SAM, previous seen on a BMP-3 chassis. It makes sense to adapt it for both chassis to standardize the chassis with the motor-rifle btlns in the brigade/regiment. The other vehicle is called the MARS-2000 and is a new light armor recon vehicle.

New Penicillin artillery recon vehicles have begun delivery. These are not regular counter-battery radars, instead they use digital cameras to detect the flash and acoustic censors to detect the location of the shooter.

A photo of the new TOS-2 thermobaric MLRS, on a truck chassis.

And photos of the new combat modules for the Kurganets and the T-15. The Kurganets module is the Epoha combat module using a new low-muzzle velocity 57mm gun, Kornet ATGMs and new light ATGMs Bulat. The module on the T-15 carries the Ataka ATGM.



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All of us who have served in uniform know that when things go wrong on a parade, they have a tendency to be a tad conspicuous. However, I think this Russian soldier must be in the top 3 for the if you're going to bugger it up and get into trouble make it worthwhile and very memorable.



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A look at some of Burevestnik's current development and production line. There's a new wheeled SP Arty, based on the Msta cannon, called the 2S34 Mal'va sporting a BAZ chassis. There's a couple of different BMP-3 variants with 57mm modules, one meant for AA, one for ground targets. There's the Magnolia, a 2S31 combat module on a DT-30PM tracked chassis. There's the 2S41 Drok, a 82mm turreted mortar on a Tayfun MRAP (the 4X4 variety). There's the 2S40 Floks, initially suggested for the MVD, but apparently being considered for the MoD as well. And there's the Tayfun-VDV 4X4 MRAP with a 30mm autocannon in an unmanned turret.

The most interesting part is the 2S34, which raises questions about the future of the 2S35 Koalitsiya. It's wheeled variant is continuing testing, and it's tracked variant is already being procured. Why this program? It's odd, at least to me.

A new Strela armored car, similar in size to the Tigr-M but with better protection, was shown off by the VPK, the manufacturers of the Tigr, Medved, and BTR-80 and 82.

Some footage of the BMR-3M being used in East MD. This is the only truly modern heavy mineclearing vehicle Russia has, and small batches are being procured each year.

Some detailed photos of the new T-15 variant, with a high-velocity 57mm autocannon, and two Ataka ATGMs.

Also some photos of the vehicles and combat modules shown at the Victory Day Parade in Moscow.

Photos of the new Tosochka MLRS. It's a development of the TOS-1A, on a wheeled armored chassis. At this point the vehicle is becoming more and more questionable.

Splav has also shown off a new remote mine layer. These vehicles highlight a problem of Russian military planning. They both should just be module options for regular MLRS, but instead is each developed into unique vehicles. To top it off both appear to feature rapid reload by swapping out the entire missile block, while the artillery brigades continue to field old BM-27s with no such option.

Photos of the BMP-1AM Basurmanin on a train. It's unclear where they're meant for but the numbers are significant. It's likely someone is re-arming.

Remdizel is presenting an upgraded MT-LB variant, meant to continue as a multi-purpose chassis. Personally I think the MT-LB needs to be retired. It's already losing ground to the BMP-3 chassis for ATGMs, and soon SAMs.

It almost went un-noticed, but at the recent Victory Day Parade the ground forces showed off a BTR-82 variant with mounts for cage armor. It's possible that the type also carries the thermals promised for the BTR-82 in the past. It doesn't seem to carry the additional armor panels shown in some versions.

The artillery recon vehicle developed under MARS-2000 has been shown as the PRP-5 in Tula.

The recent Victory Day Parade has also revealed the 2S34 Hosta, alive and well, in Volgograd. Iirc two btlns worth of the type were purchased but further procurement was discontinued. It's unclear as to why.

20 Uran-6 mineclearing robots are promised to the engineers corps, where they will join a robust existing fleet of such vehicles.

The 76th VDV, 234th regiment, has taken another btln of BMD-4M and BTR-MDM. The pattern overall appears to be that regiments and brigades are getting two btlns each, while keeping one btln of BMD-2 in service. I suppose this is to maintain proficiency to operate the type, for now. Though at the pace it's going at the BMD-2 will be gone from active service by the end of this decade.



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An interesting photo of a Russian marine from the 177th, on the Caspian. The uniform and equipment are reminiscent of Russian SoFs operating in Syria. It appears the equipment is making its way into regular units as well, though I suspect this is a recon marine.

A shot of guided warheads for the Tornado-S MLRS. Allegedly they have a scatter of no more then 10-20m at maximum range.

Some screens from a presentation on the T-14s battlespace management capabilities, and APS. There were recent announcements that thermal imaging and engine problems for the type were resolved.

An interesting look at the engine layouts for the T-14 and T-15. Note the images are old, from when the project still assumed 6 wheeled tracks.

South MD has taken delivery of P-230T communication vehicles on the Tigr-M chassis.

The new 4X4 MRAP MEDEVAC was seen at training exercises in South MD. This comes as the Tayfun-VDV has begun experimental exploitation. Reportedly its first recipients will be VDV SpN and recon.

The 2S42 Lotos is continuing trials for the VDV.

A batch of 10 T-80BVM tanks has been handed over to the 4th Gds Tank Division.

A new RPG for Russian infantry is nearing state trials. It's the 6S20 Smes (Mixture).

The new Hermes tactical missile system is being shown for the first time at the Army-2020 forum. It's a fire and forget guided missile, with a reported range of 100kms. It's first stage is near identical to the same for the Pantsyr and Tunguska SAMs, and it likely has much in common with those missiles. The missile can radio-nagivation or inertial guidance to reach the target area at which point it activates its own seeker hit the target. It can also apparently use laser guidance and satellite guidance (it's unclear whether these replace the other methods or simply provide redundancy). The type or model of seeker it uses is undisclosed.

Concern Kalashnikov is presenting their new LMG, the RPL, also at Army-2020.

The BTR-82AT was shown at Army-2020 with a new combat module, carrying oddly enough the old Konkurs-M ATGM instead of the typical Kornet.

Also shown was a new BMP-3 variant with a rear door, new screens, and the combat module from the prospective platforms. Alongside it was a BMP-2M with the Berezhok module, with much needed additional armor.

Some close up photos of the T-15 from the recent Victory Day parade. This is the variant with the new 57mm turret.

Some interior photos of the Bumerang APC from Army-2020.

A new BMP-3 based program, Paralaks, was shown at Army-2020. It's testing "see-through armor", i.e. a set up of sensors that allow the operator to have 360 visibility from the inside of the vehicle using cameras set up on the exterior. Also being tested on the type are various autonomous operating capabilities, including moving to a location without manual control across cross-country terrain and even crossing rivers.

Two large photo sets from Army-2020.

Some footage from the recent tank biathlon shows very high miss rates for the barrel-fired ATGMs. It's possible that factory defects are at fault, since in the past the type didn't do this badly.