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Do Russian armored brigadeshave anti tank battalions?
I don't see much sense in attaching anti tank units to inherently armored units, rather to light troops. The BMPT is supposed to escort tanks in urban areas, and not much else.
I honestly don't know, but I suspect not. I also don't think the BMPT is suited to that particular task. I think that it works best as a fire-support vehicle for combined arms formations. I think the best escort for tanks in an urban area is plenty of well trained infantry.

What's odd is that in Israel, perhaps by misunderstanding of statements or not, there is some notion in a local forum and even some media, that there are plans for a Carmel-derived medium vehicle with a medium cannon as a replacement for some tanks and no troop transport capability. I really hope that's not true. The BMPT IMO should not become operational in any form, at least a manned one.
Yeah, it basically has no place within current force organizations. This is why, like I said, the only place I can see it working is as a replacement for SP ATGM carriers because the current BMPT already carries 4, and can easily carry more. Within that context adding two auto-cannons and an MBT chassis are just an improvement. This is all assuming there's spare cash for it.


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It appears that a decision has been made to purchase cage armor for Russian BMPs and BTRs. Some of the first BTR-82AT with mounts for cage armor were already shown at this year's victory parade, but this does raise the possibility that the continuing BMP-2 upgrade will look more like what's in the second link.

A new UR-15 mineclearer was shown at Kavkaz-2020. It's the third BMP-3 based version of a rocket-mine clearer. And the vehicle appears to be carrying Afghanit APS. The radars for it are not in sight, so this may be a mockup.

New upgraded guided missiles for the Tornado-S have been shown.

A bunch of photos from Army-2020.

New airmobile light cars for the VDV shown at the recent Kavkaz-2020

At the same Kavkaz they shown off the Afghanista-era tactic of moving D-30s using helos.

Also a new BMP-3 based command vehicle for ATGM units was spotted, the Zavet. I can't help but wonder how long before we see a new artillery command post on the BMP-3 chassis as well. It seems like the BMP-3 is destined to replace many (if not all) the roles currently done by the MT-LB.

A collection of photos from recent training exercises in the 4th motor-rifles. It's interesting to see they're all wearing the Sozevezdie transmitters on their shoulders (the small round plastic bump).