JF 17 Thunder Vs 4 Su 30 MKI – BVR – Joint Fighter – Pakistan China

JF 17 Thunder is Pakistan Air Force's new multi role fighter plane. The serial production is started in November 2009. Pakistan Air Force has 11 of these fighter planes at the moment. It is better than F 16 C/D block 50/52 because JF-17 Thunder is 4-4.5 Generation Fighter Plane. It is multi-role fighter plane with BVR capability and 7 hard points. Assault of JF 17. In future, Pakistan Air Force will be having J-10 Proposed/Ordered. J-11 Proposed. First Pakistan made JF-17 is now flying over Pakistan airspace. Engine will be upgraded after production of 50 JF-17s JF-17 can scan and track multiple targets and can engage 2 BVR targets at the same time. Indian Air Force grounded all 104 (-2) Su 30 MKI.