BEN GURION International Airport, Israel: “The first test of the advanced Arrow 3 weapon system will be performed in the near future, confirming the interceptor missile’s effectiveness. A series of different tests will be run on the system to establish its high level of reliability within a short period”.

Itzhak Kaya, head of the Arrow missile program at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), announced this today at the Military & Aviation Exhibition 2012 that was held in Airport City near Tel Aviv.

Mr. Kaya said that “Arrow 3, the improved model of the Arrow system, using the advanced and upgraded “Green Pine” radar system, is more capable than ever to deal with future threats. The previous tests of the weapon system, conducted a few weeks ago, were successful. The Arrow weapon system demonstrated improved identification of attacking missiles, ensuring successful target interception with high levels of certainty.

Kaya said that “recent tests are being conducted according to the multi-year plan of the Israeli Ministry of Defense and our American partner. The program is on track, meeting its expectations as a high priority defense system. As far as I know, there is no threat to the future of the program”.

Addressing the possibility of a first export deal of the Arrow system to foreign countries, Kaya said: “Arrow 3 is an exceptionally efficient and unique system, and I am certain that it could answer the needs of various countries and become a key element in their defense programs. Currently there isn’t an export deal on the agenda. In any case, such issues would be handled by State officials. Deals of this scale require a prolonged process, and they are guided by governments.