Indian Navy Procurement, Helicopter Purchase, LCA Project Updates

By on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Procurement of Aircraft for Navy
Naval aviation is planned for growth in the Maritime Capabilities Perspective Plan. To facilitate an orderly growth, a master plan for naval aviation assets has been drawn.

A contract was signed on January 20, 2004 with M/s RAC MiG, Russia for supply of MiG-29K/KUB aircraft. Some of these aircraft have been delivered in December 2009. Further, a contract for procurement of maritime reconnaissance aircraft was signed with M/s Boeing, USA on 1.1.2009.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri Pradeep Majhi and Shri S Semmalai in Lok Sabha today.

Status of LCA Project

A contract for the procurement of 20 Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) in Initial Operational Clearance (IOC) configuration was signed with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) on March 31, 2006. The total contract cost is Rs. 2701.70 crore.

Delay in LCA production is primarily due to refinements carried out in the development phase. A total of Rs. 1712.11 crore has been paid to HAL till December 31, 2009 for the LCA Programme. There was a delay in the development of LCA due to certain technical complexities and denial of critical technologies.

Rs. 3301.78 crore was sanctioned for the development of LCA, which includes manufacture of eight numbers of Limited Series Production aircraft. Additional Rs. 2475.78 crore has been approved by the Government for LCA Phase-II programme.

A high level review is being conducted by the Chief of Air Staff once in every quarter and by the Deputy Chief of Air Staff once in every month. LCA is likely to be inducted into the Indian Air Force (IAF) by March 2011.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri Sivasami C and others in Lok Sabha today.

Purchase of Helicopters
Contracts have been signed for the procurement of Advanced Light Helicopter from M/s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Medium Lift Helicopters from Rosoboronexport, Russia, and Helicopters for VVIP transportation from Augusta Westland, UK.

In addition, cases for procurement of additional Medium Lift Helicopters, Attack Helicopters, Light Utility Helicopters, Heavy Lift Helicopters and Recce and Surveillance Helicopters from various vendors are being processed. All these procurements are based on operational requirements framed by the Indian Air Force. The expenditure on the procurements will be known only after the commercial proposals are opened.

All capital acquisitions are processed as per the Defence Procurement Procedure. The Defence Procurement Procedure – 2008 envisages a timeframe of 20-34 months for finalization of such major capital procurements.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri AK Antony in a written reply to Shri Pradeep Majhi in Lok Sabha today.

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