Australian Department of Defence, Army Reserves have begun providing some of the Transit Security Elements (TSE) aboard Navy vessels on Operation Relex II and have a greater role on operations in the Solomon Islands and Timor Leste, Defence Minister Robert Hill announced today.  
Operation Relex II is the Australian Defence Force operation which contributes to the whole of government program to detect, intercept and deter vessels carrying unauthorised arrivals from entering Australia through the North-West maritime approaches. It includes naval, air force and army units supported by Coastwatch and Customs.  
“Reserves are continuing to take a greater role on operations and as part of domestic security capability,” Senator Hill said. “The deployment of reserves as TSE's for Operation Relex II and in designated positions on Operation Spire in Timor Leste and Operation Anode in the Solomons is further evidence of the valuable contribution they are making to Australian Defence Force (ADF) capability.  
“The service of Army Reserves over the past few years has reinforced the value of the Reserves as an important component of the ADF. Their performance on recent operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Timor Leste, Bougainville, and the Solomon Islands has contributed significantly to the success of those missions.  
“Enhancements to legislation, training and conditions of service mean the Army can draw on reserves to augment existing capability with even more confidence. Now more than ever service in the Army Reserves offers a greater range of operational opportunities.”  
A standard TSE consists of approximately 60 personnel made up of general security personnel and specialist elements such as Military Police.  
Operation Spire is the ADF contribution in Timor-Leste. Deployed personnel undertake a range of roles to support the UN, mainly performing specialist tasks in fields such as logistics and engineering and military liaison. The primary ADF contribution to the UN is a Support Company comprising an Engineering Troop, Transport Section and Maintenance Section, Operation Anode is the Australian Defence Force contribution to the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI).  
The overall RAMSI undertaking is known as Operation HELPEM FREN.