This comprehensive publication provides a clear, easy to understand discussion of the application and use of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It is truly the “how to use” resource for the ITAR. When used in conjunction with the most current edition of the ITAR it will enhance your compliance efforts and make the overall process of arms and technical assistance agreements export more efficient. The handbook is periodically updated ensuring the user has references to the most current information.

Knowledge of export controls is critical for anyone involved in the export process. Especially when defense items are concerned, your level of concern, due diligence and reasonable care must be at the highest level. This handbook is an invaluable supplement to the ITAR, containing over 600 hundred pages of current information to assist you in creating an efficient and cost-effective compliance program. The up-to-date information will help you navigate the regulations, legislative changes and procedural issues related to defense trade controls. Readers’ aids include charts, sample contracts, references, and how-to instructions – all designed to support your compliance efforts.


Critical Areas Covered Include:

  • An overview of U.S. defense trade controls and their agencies
  • Information on who should register and how
  • Deemed exports, technical data and related controls
  • Licensing process and procedures
  • DSP form samples and instructions
  • Electronic licensing under ELLIE, ELISA, and D trade
  • TAA, MLA, and WDA agreements
  • General procedures including AES
  • Overall export compliance requirements
  • Importing defense articles
  • Current copy of the ITAR regulations


Publication is updated every 6 months
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