The recent news of five Chinese J-20 fighter jets’ training in formation aroused public attention.

A Chinese military expert said that the ability to conduct formation flight indicates that the Chinese pilots’ capability in operating J-20 fighter jets has reached a high level, and the J-20 is ready to carry out combat missions.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force’s official Weibo account released a series of photos on October 20 titled “new situation of strengthening the military in the past five years”, including a photo of four J-20 fighter jets flying in formation, which got a lot of praises.

A Chinese internet user said he hopes to see more J-20 fighter jets serving the military.

On July 30 this year, three J-20 fighter jets flew in formation in the military parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese PLA.

At a regular press conference of China’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) on September 29, Spokesperson Senior Colonel Wu Qian said that J-20 fighters was commissioned to the military and the relative testing and test flight were underway as planned.

From a Chinese J-20 fighter’s debut flight in 2011 to the five J-20 fighters’ formation flight nowadays, it proves that the development, manufacture and testing of the J-20 were smooth and successful, said Chinese military expert Du Wenlong.

Aircraft numbers of Chinese J-20 fighter jets are already painted on the vertical empennage of the fighters. Does that mean it’s getting closer to serve on duty of combat readiness?

Another Chinese military expert Wang Mingzhi said that it takes time from the commissioning of a new type of warplane to serving on duty of combat readiness.

Usually a new type of warplane, after it’s commissioned, has to be tested and used on a trial basis by some troops in order to know its performance features, especially tactical performance, so as to store experience for other troops, the expert added.

After the commissioned warplanes reach a certain amount and finish the necessary tactical training and pilot retrofitting, they can carry out specific military operations, he continued.

Liu Wenli, one of the sixth group of female pilots in China and a military deputy to the 19th CPC National Congress said that as China’s J-20 fighter jets and Y-20 transport aircraft are commissioned successively, they will not only substantially improve the combat capability of the PLA Air Force, but also accelerate the modernization of the whole equipment system.