, ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 3 (UPI) — China is marketing a new anti-tank guided missile in Iran, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, says Middle East Newsline.

The new HJ-73 anti-tank guided weapon is meant to penetrate explosive reactor armor. The weapon, produced by China North Industries Corp., known as Norinco, is said to contain more than twice the penetrating power of the original warhead, the report said.

Industry sources said Norinco has presented several variants of the HJ-73 to Iran, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. They include the HJ-73 and the HJ-73B, said to be based on Russia's AT-3 Sagger missile.

Iran has a similar anti-tank missile called Raad, the report said. The Defense Ministry in Teheran has asserted that the Raad, equipped with a tandem warhead, can penetrate 400 mm of armor protected by explosive reactor armor.