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New devices may soon help Soldiers detect chemicals, bio threats

This colorimetric detection assay, about the size of a postage stamp, is printed with a grid of several dozen indicator chemicals arranged in a grid of small dots.

Researchers are refining for Army use a commercial technology that will allow Soldiers to accurately and rapidly detect an array of chemical and biological hazards – from mustard agent to anthrax – and then transmit those results to their higher […]

U.S. looks to boost air, missile defense partnerships in Pacific

U.S. looks to boost air, missile defense partnerships in Pacific

Increased interoperability and improved data sharing with international partners are key goals of U.S. Air and Missile Defense, or ADM, especially in the Pacific and U.S. Central Command theaters, said ADM force leaders. “Today we have Air and Missile Defense […]

US Services aim to standardize air, missile defense networks

Efforts are underway to better integrate missile systems across the Defense Department.

Across the globe, a variety of air and missile defense threats are evolving and proliferating. At the same time, adversaries are exploiting weaknesses in America’s air and missile defense system, said Brig. Gen. Christopher L. Spillman, commandant of the Army […]

US Army scientists discover how to predict damage in future military vehicles

With damage precursors, Army researchers Ed Habtour, left, and Dr. Dan Cole hope to convert the structural skins of aerial vehicle components (wings, blades) into "living" surfaces that could sense, react and adapt to the operational conditions.

Army researchers made an important discovery during metals testing that could impact the way the structural health of current and future military vehicles are deemed “healthy and more efficient.” The discovery may lead to saving time and money, as well […]

Army’s Benét Laboratories develops 120mm mortar test system

The extended range 120mm mortar system is flanked by Benet Laboratories' mechanical engineers and scientists, who participated in its research and design.

The U.S. Army’s Benét Laboratories, which is collocated on the Watervliet Arsenal, recently announced that it has achieved a significant milestone in the research and development of an extended-range 120mm mortar ballistic test cannon that if fielded, will greatly increase […]

Female Soldiers pass initial test, prepare for rigors of Ranger course

Potential male and female Ranger course students run in formation during the Ranger Training Assessment Course at Fort Benning, Ga., Jan. 24, 2015.

Five female Soldiers out of 26 Service members graduated from the first-ever, gender-integrated Ranger Training Assessment Course, or RTAC, which qualifies them to go on to the Army’s Ranger course, beginning in late April. The training is a pre-Ranger course […]

US Army needs increased innovation to retain overmatch advantage

US Army needs increased innovation to retain overmatch advantage

The Army has seen recent innovations in how it operates — from Pacific Pathways and network experimentation to greater interoperability with European partners. But the pace of innovations needs to pick up if the Army and the joint force are […]

Rapid Equipping Force moves under TRADOC

Rapid Equipping Force moves under TRADOC

The Army’s Rapid Equipping Force, or REF, created in 2002 to more quickly meet the materiel needs of commanders operating in Afghanistan, was officially transferred, Jan. 30, to the Army Training and Doctrine Command, also known as TRADOC. Lt. Gen. […]

US Army Aviation Balances Worldwide Missions with Training, Readiness

US Army Aviation Balances Worldwide Missions with Training, Readiness

Army aviation operates in worldwide missions while balancing the challenges of the deployments with maintaining training and readiness, Army aviation commanders said. The commanders addressed the topic during a panel at the Association of the United States Army’s forum on […]

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