An Abrams M1A2 Main Battle Tank is offloaded from a cargo truck, June 18, 2015, and is soon loaded into an Air Force C17 Globemaster III aircraft, which is headed to Bulgaria.

The first of two M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks is headed to Bulgaria to continue and expand the multi-dimensional multinational Operation Atlantic Resolve training in Eastern Europe led by U.S. Army Europe.

The heavily armored tank, weighing nearly 70 tons, was driven into the back of the waiting C17 Globemaster III Air Force aircraft, fitting with just enough room for the accompanying Soldiers and air crew to buckle into the aircraft’s outer seats.

Overall, the Soldiers, who guided the track-vehicle, made the loading process look easy, working with Airmen to move the tank off of the transportation truck and into the aircraft, ready for take off, in around 15 minutes.

While in Bulgaria, the mission will be simple.

The tanks are there to expand the current training amongst the U.S. and Bulgarian Soldiers, improving battlefield operability, overall knowledge of the machine, all while continuing to strengthen the NATO alliance.

Additionally, troops will engage in a live-fire training scenario, firing each tank to demonstrate the capabilities it can procure on the battlefield.