F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – FIRST HOVER TEST !!

Check out this AWESOME first hover test by the F-35 Joint strike fighter – the NEXT GENERATION FIGHTER! This thing is SWEET!! NOTE: this entire video and ALL related content, comments, etc. is ALL my own personal opinion and NOT those of the US Government, US Department of Defense, the US Military, any related country or contractor involved in the F-35 program, or any other person or entity in the World. Further, the use of the US Government/Department of Defense's video that we are legally allowed to use DOES NOT imply in any way (explicitly, implicitly, etc.) that the US Government, The Department of Defense or any of the above organizations or any other organization, entity or person in the World endorses this video, anything included in or related to this video or any other of our videos, our views, us, or our channel in any way shape matter or form. We are NOT part of the US Government, The Department of Defense, The US Military, nor related to any of them in way. In other words, I don't speak for them, THEY DON'T ENDORSE US, THIS VIDEO, OR ANYTHING IN OR RELATED TO THIS VIDEO, nor did they have any input into or control of this video. This is just me & my opinion for news and entertainment purposes only using a video that I am legally allowed to use. That's it. _______________ Credit: Video used is courtesy of The US Government & US Department of Defense as can be seen here: www.jsf.mil