1969 Marine Corps Operation Dewey Canyon Vietnam War

Operation Dewey Canyon: Produced by the Marine Corps in 1969, this film presents one of the corps most difficult and exacting helicopter assaults of all time. In a helicopter assault launched in January 1969 from the Vandergrift combat base, the 9th Marines assaulted by CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters into the Da Krong Valley in I Corps where a North Vietnamese buildup along Route 548 leading from Laos had been detected. Good footage of the 9th Marines assaulting into the valley where they secured landing zones Razor and Riley and established fire support base Razor. Three companies of the regiment's 3d Battalion are seen moving to establish fire support base Cunningham where a 155mm howitzer is fired. A company is seen attacking the site for fire support base Erskine. Tiger Mountain is finally captured. Elements of the 3d Reconnaissance Battalion move through the operational area, and the fresh 2d Battalion, 3d Marines arrive at Erskine. This film contains excellent footage of Marine Corps fighters in support of Operation Dewey Canyon. Footage of F-4 Phantoms and A-4 Sky Hawks in action. There is extensive Ch-46 footage, with CH-53 Sea Stallions and UH-1 Huey helicopters seen in various clips.