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EU defence blueprint threatens fresh feud with US

The Independent, Tensions between the European Union and the United States over defence burst into the open yesterday when America called a special meeting in Nato next Monday to discuss Europe's plans for military co-operation. The move followed frank exchanges […]

Oman, India Approach Defense Cooperation

DefenseNews, In a move to make further strategic inroads in the Middle East, India on Oct. 18 signed a memorandum of understanding with Oman regarding supply of Indian-made military hardware to Oman, repair of Omani ships and other military equipment […]

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia plan to increase their defense cooperation

, LONDON [MENL] — Pakistan and Saudi Arabia plan to increase their defense cooperation. Western diplomatic sources said the two countries will expand defense and military ties during the visit by Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz on Saturday to […]

US study predicted postwar pitfalls

The New York Times, A year-long US State Department study predicted many of the problems that have plagued the American-led occupation of Iraq, according to internal department documents and interviews with Administration and congressional officials. Beginning in April 2002, the […]

The return of Arabophobia

The Guardian, First, they tried to dismiss Iraqi resistance as the work of “Saddam loyalists”. Then they sought to blame “outside forces”. Now, as it becomes clear that Iraqis of all sects oppose the occupation, a third explanation has arisen. […]

Obituries for Europe are a little premature

THE OBSERVER, Leaders may be sounding the populist trumpet, but the collective ideal is now getting impetus from new members The EU is a success. Its 25 members are discussing proposals for a new, carefully crafted constitution that will make […]

The former Soviet Union seeks a revival, THE states that once comprised the Soviet Union continue to decline on all levels: Temporary economic successes cannot halt a downslide that began during the final years of the socialist republic. Moscow alone is trying to generate momentum towards […]

Things Getting Better? Visit Baghdad Airport

The Independent, BAGHDAD, 19 October 2003

Malaysia to acquire shoulder-launched missiles despite US security concerns

AFP, Malaysia will proceed with its plan to acquire surface-to-air shoulder-launched missiles as part of its military modernisation programme, a senior minister said Monday, despite US concerns that such weapons could be used to shoot down civilian aircraft. Defence Minister […]

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