Russia’s new forward-swept wing jet trainer SR-10 has made its first flight.

The Russian private design bureau ‘Modern Aviation Technologies’ has developed a single-engine, all-composite aircraft SR-10.

Developed by a private Russian design bureau called KB SAT, the aircraft features a moderate forward-swept wing (FSW) scheme. This feature allows the plane to be more compact, improves stability at low speeds and takeoff and landing performance.

The SR-10 is quite suitable for learning the basics of flying. Flight tests of the prototype are being tested at the Oreshkovo airfield in the Kaluga region. Judging by the video, the tests are successful. The forward swept wing helps improve the maneuverability of the aircraft, making the SR-10 not only a trainer jet but also as sports aircraft.

Some social media users expressed their delight with the new jet saying that it is impressive and if it goes into production it would be a ‘bomb’.

“It is impressive. Due to the low price the project could be a hit,” Dmitry Ft-Telnyashke wrote.

“I was surprised with the number of alarms although it may be good for the initial training. The thrust-seems ok. In general, it is a good bird,” user narkom_cccp wrote on social media.


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