Israel Ministry of Defense, Eli Pincu was appointed by Jacob Toren, Director General of the Ministry of Defense to head the new Export Control Division in the Ministry. 
The appointment ceremony took place today, June 27th 2006, in the Ministry. 
Mr. Toren congratulated Mr. Pincu and in his brief speech he related to the rationale for the organizational change. 
“Defense export” he said “is one of the successes of the defense industries and the Ministry of Defense. Defense export reflects over 70% of the scope of their industrial production and enables the industries to provide the IDF with the qualitative edge it requires in spite of the cuts in the defense budget. All organizations involved in the defense export process, mainly SIBAT, deserve many compliments. 
The increase in defense exports underlines the necessity for an enhancement of existing export control measures. The MOD has decided to separate the functions relating to the promotion of the defense industry from the control of defense exports. The new Export Control Division will be responsible for effective control of defense exports, while industrial promotion functions will remain within SIBAT. 
MOD DG further remarked that “the new division will be responsible for export control, issuing negotiation and export permits, and enforcement. 
It will also be responsible for outreach activity in order to make sure that all laws, regulations and instructions, pertaining to defense export controls, will be brought to the attention of individuals and companies involved in such activity.” 
The new Export control Division will also improve service to license applicants, and rely on professional staff and advanced computerized systems. 
The Export Control Division will commence its activity on July 2nd 2006 and from that date onwards will be the point of contact to all licensing requests. It will continue the licensing process of requests that were received by the export licensing unit in SIBAT prior to June 30th 2006. 
The new division will cooperate with other existing divisions in the Ministry of Defense as well as other Ministries (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Trade) and organizations (Customs Authority). 
Mr. Eli Pincu, head of the Export Control Division has been an employee of the Ministry since 1970 and upon his appointment will terminate his duty as head of the MOD European Mission in Paris.