China J-31 Takeoff
China J-31 Takeoff

China’s fourth generation fighters like J-20 and J-31 are likely to be deployed on aircraft carriers, according to a military export.

In an interview with China National Radio (CNR), a military expert Yin Zhuo said China’s aircraft carriers are capable to project firepower, troops and information. Yin said the ability of China aircraft carrier’s fleet will experience great improvement.

Early-warning aircraft and Space-Based Infrared System will safeguard in-task aircraft carriers in far ocean and far sea areas, Yin added.

The West has questioned China’s defensive defense policy for it is building a second aircraft carrier entirely using domestic technology. In his previous state visits, China’s President Xi Jinping stressed the idea “Never do to others what you would not like them to do to you.”

Yin said that the idea means that China’s aircraft carriers are used to protect the countries’ own legitimate interests but not to encroach others’.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has come up with the idea to jointly develop offshore and open sea defense. In Yin’s words, China is determined to form its blue-water navy. But the blue-water navy is in combination with green-water navy and brown-water navy.

Yin pointed out that at present China’s national security interests lie in offshore areas like the Diaoyu Dao and the South China Sea disputes.

“A strong maritime power needs a navy that can maintain its national interests,” Yin said.

China also pays attention to open sea. The Indian Ocean is 8,000 to 10,000 kilometers far away from China. Over 60 per cent of China’s oil imports is shipped through the region every year, Yin said.

The peace and stability of the Middle East and Africa is closely related to Chinese economy as their resources and energy are of strategic importance for China, according to Yin’s words.

China is likely to become the biggest creditor country by 2030. More than dozens of millions of Chinese people work abroad. The PLAN’s future tasks are to guarantee the safety of overseas investment Chinese working abroad. Yin said, “This is also a task of China’s aircraft carriers fleet.”


  1. Should fighter planes are designed as stealth long range bomber why station on aircraft carrier where it becomes a sitting ducks.

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