APP, ISLAMABAD: Vice Chief of Army Staff, Gen Mohammad Yousuf Khan, on Thursday presided over a ceremony to equip the Guides Cavalry with state-of-the-art indigenously produced tank Al-Khalid – MBT-2000.


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While handing over the tank, Gen Yousuf Khan praised the efforts made by the Heavy Industries Taxila chairman, Maj-Gen Israr Ahmed Ghumman, and others involved in the project of Al-Khalid Tank, including the defence production division of the ministry of defence.

He said the production of this tank was a landmark achievement. Al-Khalid tank is comparable with any modern tank of the world with an excellent power to weight ratio, enhanced firepower, high mobility, all-weather day and night capability, excellent protection and 125mm smooth gun.

The vice chief of the army staff emphasized the importance of learning all aspects of the new tank to optimize its potential in battle with regular maintenance to keep it battle ready at all times. He said the Guides Cavalry would in any future conflict attack with the same ferociousness as it had always done since its raising.

Armed with Al-Khalid tank, it would not only repeat its history but add new chapters in the annals of its glorious traditions. Another regiment of Al-Zarrar tank was also present in the ceremony along with other HIT products like Baktar Shikan Carrier – Maaz – command post vehicle – Sakb – and APCs – Talah.

Earlier, on his arrival at the HIT, Gen Yousuf Khan was received by HIT chairman Maj-Gen Israr Ahmed Ghumman. He also reviewed the parade and took the general salute.