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Crew: One Length: 22.20 m (72.83 ft) Wingspan: 15.15 m (49.70 ft) Height: 6.43 m (21.08 ft) Wing area: 62.0 m² (666 ft²) Empty weight: 17500 kg (38600 lb) Loaded weight: 25700 kg (56660 lb) Max takeoff weight: 34000 kg (74995 lb) Powerplant: 2× Lyulka AL-35F turbofans Performance Maximum speed: 2450 km/h (1520 mph (Mach 2)) Range: 4000 km (2500 mi) Service ceiling 18000 m (59100 ft) Rate of climb: 230 m/s (45245 ft/min) Wing loading: 85.1 lb/ft² (414.5 kg/ft²) Armament 1× 30 mm GSh-30 cannon with 150 rounds 2× wingtip rails for R-73 (AA-11 "Archer") air-to-air missiles 12× wing and fuselage stations for up to 8000 kg (17630 lb) of ordnance, including: Air-to-Air Missiles AA-12 Adder (R-77) AA-11 Archer (R-73) AA-10 Alamo (R-27) Air-to-Surface Missiles AS-17 Krypton (Kh-31) AS-16 Kickback (Kh-15) AS-10 Karen (Kh-25ML) AS-14 Kedge (Kh-29) AS-15 Kent (Kh-55) AS-13 Kingbolt (Kh-59) Bombs KAB-500L KAB-1500 laser/TV Guided Bomb FAB-100/250/500/750/1000

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