F 14 tomcat Sub Micro Paper Airplane that can actually fly!

Download the file for free by clicking this link www.megaupload.com This is a technique for making paper airplanes that look like almost any aircraft in the world, and the best part is they actually fly. All you need is a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, a small piece of tape, and access to a printer if you want it to have a paint job. Ive made it work with the following aircraft P-38 lightning www.youtube.com F-22 raptor www.youtube.com A-10 warthog www.youtube.com F-14 tomcat www.youtube.com YF-23 Black Widow www.youtube.com SU-37 Flanker www.youtube.com F-117 night Hawk www.youtube.com SU-47 Berkut video coming soon B-2 Spirit Stealth bomber www.youtube.com SR-71 blackbird www.youtube.com d-21 drone www.youtube.com C-130 Hercules www.youtube.com F-35 lightning Joint Strike Fighter Video coming soon Northrop Switchblade Video coming soon Hawker harrier Video coming soon Hawker p-1214 www.youtube.com Hawker p-1208 Video coming soon Hawker p-1226 Video coming soon Hawker p-1216 www.youtube.com F15 Video coming soon F16 www.youtube.com F18 Video coming soon Su 27 with Blue Angel paint job www.youtube.com P51 mustang (rubber band powered) Video coming soon Star Wars X wing www.youtube.com X-29 www.youtube.com 747 with space shuttle www.youtube.com Subscribe for the latest RC 101 videos.