Ulan Ude Aviation Plant, Two Mi-171 helicopters were accepted at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, which are to be delivered for antinarcotics service of Pakistan. 
Representatives of the acceptance team expressed their satisfaction with the produced helicopters and results of their visit to Ulan-Ude. Also they pointed out great production potential and high quality of the output products, which are being operated by Pakistan long enough. 
The first batch of Mi-171 helicopters Pakistan purchased at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant in 2001 for its Army Aviation and Air Force needs. The helicopters well-reputed themselves during operation and became highly appreciated by Pakistan. Army and PAF flying and technical personnel expressed their satisfaction with quality and performance of the helicopters manufactured by U-UAP. 
The favorable operational experience is the one the main reasons wherefore Pakistan keeps on buying Mi-171 helicopters at U-UAP. Besides the country has bought some helicopter batches more for various services. About 30 Mi-171 helicopters have been delivered to Pakistan to date. 
Shipment of the helicopters for antinarcotics service of Pakistan is scheduled for April 2008.


The multifunctional transport helicopter Mi-171 is the response to the Buyer's request for more high-powered (in comparison to Mi-8T (MGA)) helicopter, with improved aircraft performance characteristics, capable to perform flights in adverse weather and restricted visibility conditions.
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