1. Boagrius

    Australian Nuclear discussions

    I don't want to side-track here too much but I am genuinely fascinated - does anyone actually know what would need to happen for the RAN to make the jump to SSN's? I mean barring the political aspect I understand that our lack of a nuclear power industry is an obstacle but is it really a bridge...
  2. Todjaeger

    ADF General discussion thread

    With the recent release of the interim ADF Posture Review, it was IMO rightly suggested that a general ADF discussion thread should be created. Having looked at some of the recommendations and how some appear to be tri-service in nature, it seemed like a non-service specific thread would be...
  3. C

    Leaving RAF want to join RAAF

    Hi, I am due to leave the RAF in 2013 so i have started my resettlement. i do not want to leave military life as i love it. Is there a way that i can leave the RAF and join the RAAF? Any hints, tips and advise is welcome. Thanks Careena
  4. M

    Doctor in the Royal Australian Airforce

    Hey, I'm 15 and live in Tasmania :) I've been interested in joining the defence force ever since i've been a little girl, now that i'm getting a bit older i've finally gotten to that stage where i've got to start getting prepared for it. I turned 15 this year and i'm a year ahead, being in...
  5. W

    Air Surveillance Operator

    Hi all. I'm transferring from the Australian Army Reserves to the RAAF as an air surveillance operator and I would like to know more about the position before going through with it. I have already read all of the information at defencejobs.gov.au, but it seems to be vague on exactly what I'd be...
  6. G

    Info for those interested in joining the ADF

    Hey everyone, Ive created this "Lens" about my opinions on the ADF based on my time in the RAAF so far. Ideal for those interested in joining. Feel free to take a look: The Australian Defence Force :)
  7. A69-7214 over St. Louis

    A69-7214 over St. Louis

    Peace Reef Phantom A69-7214 lines up for a publicity shot over St. Louis, Missouri.
  8. F-4E A69-7215 in flight.

    F-4E A69-7215 in flight.

  9. Todjaeger

    Royal Australian Air Force [RAAF] News, Discussions and Updates

    Thought I'd start a general RAAF thread, since many of the existing ones end up shifting back and forth despite the initial start of the topic. That and I have a question that doesn't quite seem to pertain to any active thread at present. Currently the Project Wedgetail (AIR 5077) for the...