Doctor in the Royal Australian Airforce


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Hey, I'm 15 and live in Tasmania :)
I've been interested in joining the defence force ever since i've been a little girl, now that i'm getting a bit older i've finally gotten to that stage where i've got to start getting prepared for it.
I turned 15 this year and i'm a year ahead, being in grade 10 this year. I'm really good at math's and science getting straight A's on the advanced syllabus and also pretty good at english. All of my teachers say that i've got the potential to be a doctor.

I ultimately want to be a surgeon but you can't do that within the ADF, so i've been looking into the sponsored undergraduate scheme. I'd like to know from anyone who's done it whether it's actually worth the ROSO that you have to give back??
Also, i want to know what it's really like for females in the defence force, everyone says it's equal but Defence is always going to be a male dominated area.
is the discipline insane?
oh and what's it like being a doctor???
in the air force and in civilian life,,
Thanks in advance :)


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Hi my name is Emma Barber and i am 16 years old. I live in South East Melbourne and am currently in year 11 and want to send in an application to the Air Force as a Medical Assistant.
I have always wanted to join as my family are in/have been in the Defence Force, so its always been a passion of mine.

I am applying in just under one month as you have to be 16 years and 6 months, so when i do i am just wondering;

How long is the process to get in into the Air Force? I know you have to do a series of interviews/tests, but how long does the whole process go for?

Also, how many do they recruit a year?
And, Do they do mid year intake or anything for the training in NSW? or is it yearly?

Any other information would be nice,
I am very determined to do this.

Thank you,
Emma B.