1. Dino van Doorn

    Final action with AH-64D Apache (Delta)

    Final action video shot at the GLV training with an AH-64D Delta Apache in the Netherlands before the E models take over. video credit: Video Enhanchement:
  2. JamesChell

    Medical Waivers

    Just wanted to ask a quick question pertaining to medical waivers and enlistment with the US Army. I was diagnosed with Spitzoid Melanoma skin cancer in 2013 on my left upper arm. I’ve had it removed and kept my skin checked up regularly with my dermatologist. I’ve had no reoccurrences. I’ve...
  3. DouglasLees

    The Woolly Pully: Any Other Aficionados?

    I am a massive fan of the Woolly Pully military sweater: I have been wearing them since the 70s both for outdoor activities and at home and have quite a big collection of them, which I wear throughout the cool/cold months of the year. Are there any other enthusiasts on this site? (The nearest...
  4. A

    Hungarian Special Forces

    Link deleted.
  5. A

    French Special Forces - never surrender

    Content deleted because it breaks Forum rules on fanboy posts and posts not being in the English language. Ngatimozart.
  6. G

    Trying to convince me not to go infantry

    My family member and many recruiters are trying tell me not to go infantry, here’s their reason. 1. Infantry guys are dumb (they think I’m too smart) And 2. Infantry prepares you for no civilian job Those are the main two, they are very frustrating. Any comments on this issue?
  7. T

    A rifle for a new military

    Ok so i am new to this whole forum business, but i like to design things and try and make things.. now I would like put out a very simple question. In an military rifle, what are some good features that would produce an accurate, powerful weapon. im trying to build and blue print a weapon. let...
  8. H

    BIG SCANDAL Unearthed in Pakistan Air Force

    Thread under review! NEWS: PAF sued by Housing Contractors PAF sued by Housing Contractors LAHORE: Two contractors aiming for a contract in the Air Force Officer Housing Scheme (AFOHS) have gone to the Lahore High Court (LHC) against the Air Force for non-issuing of tenders to them...
  9. CZECH ARMY promo

    CZECH ARMY promo

    Nice short movie - reenacting of czech army armed forces (czech republic). It´s only milsim, but still very nice movie and the gear in this video is authentic modern czech army. video...
  10. Todjaeger

    ADF General discussion thread

    With the recent release of the interim ADF Posture Review, it was IMO rightly suggested that a general ADF discussion thread should be created. Having looked at some of the recommendations and how some appear to be tri-service in nature, it seemed like a non-service specific thread would be...
  11. ACMAT Special Forces 4x4 vehicles

    ACMAT Special Forces 4x4 vehicles
  12. ACMAT Special Forces 4x4 vehicles

    ACMAT Special Forces 4x4 vehicles
  13. ACMAT Special Forces 4x4 vehicles

    ACMAT Special Forces 4x4 vehicles
  14. A

    How to become EOR/D Australian Army?

    I'm 17 years old, female, and have applied for the ADF. I've always been interested in working EOR, which I believe generally progresses to EOD. I have read you have to train as a Combat Engineer, but what stages go from there and is it a possibility to gain work as EOR being female? Jen
  15. M

    New Zealand Army ranger course

    By Land Component Commander Brigadier Dave Gawn Among all the excitement there is a healthy dose of scepticism around the concept of a Ranger type course. This is not a Ranger course in the traditional sense – it is not based around insertion skills such as parachuting and cliff assault...
  16. B

    Joining Australian Defence Force

    hi guys, i am wondering if you could shed some light on some of my concerns. i want to join the army as a firefighter, i have transfered from regular reserves to stand-by a few months ago and i am currently overseas now, i was wondering if i could book anything while im away so when i get back...
  17. Saudi Arabian Army

    Saudi Arabian Army

  18. Saudi M2 Bradley

    Saudi M2 Bradley

    from the Janadriyah Festival 2010
  19. Saudi Al Shibl 1

    Saudi Al Shibl 1

    Based on a Toyota Land Cruiser (4x4) cross-country chassis and are powered by a 221hp petrol engine coupled to a manual transmission, which gives a maximum speed of up to 120km/h on roads. The allwelded steel hull provides the occupants with protection from 7.62mm small arms fire, although...
  20. Saudi AH-64D

    Saudi AH-64D

    from the Janadriyah Festival 2010