Malaysia going Nuclear


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Let's try to be polite here. Judging by your tone, you don't look like you are gonna play nice. We don't want a war here. (Ironically, this is a defense thread)

And, I don't think Singapore is gonna react badly to this. It's not like we are gonna dump our waste on them.......

I understand that the reactor poses a threat if an accident happens. But, that's life. I surely want to have clean air for my kids. This fossil fuel industry is really killing us.
Haha, that may be true. :D
But it warrants a statement that looks paint the nuclear power generator as something being built with ill intention, as you can see by the suggestion that " it will have more reasons for it to be on constant checks" on Red's post.

Regarding Ananda's claims, it does make the option look safe, although at a smaller scale. Malaysia also have a research facility with a nuclear reactor since 1982. We use TRIGA Mark 2 type research reactor.