"CZ 75 B: Red Dawn" by Nutnfancy

This is a reference standard in lots of ways for service pistols costing around $400. In the TNP inventory being tested for two years, this CZ 75 B Cold War version was a fun test. Technically it's not a B model but the essentials are there [discussed] and it's close enough. Limited to 1000 pieces world wide, the "Red Dawn" [red star] CZ 75 is very cool: laquered filled red star, crylic slide stamping, and CCCP serial number. This $425 handgun delivered amazing collectiblity and specialness and yet retained the 1st Kind of Cool capabilities of the 75. Steel framed and with a tough black polycoat that refused to show wear, this CZ 75 rocked TNP drills and extensive paper testing [shown in detail]. It proved to be extraordinarily accurate in shooting, helped by a trigger job from Impactguns Gunsmith Terry "Yoda" Gardner. Firepower at 16 rounds in 9mm is adequate and on par with the competition. Other than an unimpressive and gritty stock trigger, the ergos on the CZ 75 are beloved by many with good reason: perfect grip, perfect angle, decent sights [3 dot here], low bore axis, squard trigger guard, roomy trigger guard, top frame anti-glare milling, spur hammer [ring style in regular B model], and good plastic grip panels. Downsides are reduced slide grasping with the slide-in-frame design. Quality and fit on this Cold War CZ 75 are excellent and with its forged barrel, this handgun will last generations of hard use it seems. There were reliability problems however. These <b>…</b>