The Department of the Army today released its Fiscal Year 2011 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle strategy, defining how the Army will modernize and sustain its tactical wheeled vehicle fleets through Fiscal Year 2025.

This comprehensive strategy represents the culmination of nearly four years of study and analysis on the Army’s TWV fleet of Light, Medium, Heavy and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected tactical vehicles. The Army will use this strategy to sustain a TWV fleet with the required capabilities and the appropriate size and cost for environments of today and the future.

The Army’s primary goal is to ensure that Soldiers have the correct tactical vehicles that provide appropriate levels of protection for whatever missions they perform. The Army will accomplish this by focusing procurement on fleets which incorporate additional armor protection.

Furthermore, the Army will leverage the Army Force Generation equipping process to maximize use of armored vehicles in deploying forces, in prepositioned stocks and in training sets to ensure that Soldiers are highly proficient in the equipment they will use to perform their missions.

The strategy emphasizes the integration of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected family of vehicles into the Army force structure and the Army’s continued support for the development and procurement of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. The Army will selectively modernize elements of its Light Tactical Vehicle fleet with Joint Light Tactical Vehicles to provide vehicles with the proper balance of performance, payload and protection provided to Soldiers.[Download not found]