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    Vietnamese Special Forces Organization and Equipment

    Hey all, I've recently been researching the PAVN and trying to put together a rough outline of its organization and equipment. I've found that most units (especially motorized/mechanized) draw heavily from Soviet formations of the 1980s. Where I am stuck now is with the PAVN special forces. I...
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    Where can I find information??

    My father flew the F5 Freedom Fighter in Vietnam. He was shot down during a mission. I would like to find information about this event. How would I do this?
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    Spratly Islands - News and Discussions

    China Builds Lighthouse on PHL Claimed Territory in Spratly's SUBI Reef is a Philippines claimed territory of the disputed Spratly Islands chain, but China has decided to built a 3 story bldg here complete with wharf and a helipad and there is nothing can be done except another diplomatic...
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    During the Vietnam war why didnt we invaded noth vietnam?

    We dragged the war for 12 yrs. Wht didnt we just invaede north vietnam to bring the fight to the NVA? Would that strategy work? And why didnt we bombed Hanoi in the beginning of the war? Would the war be shorter or longer? Would have heavier casualties? Would it have been a good idea to do so?
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    Vietnam's Armed Forces DiscussionThread

    I start this thread to discuss about Vietnam's Armed Forces. Feel free to post. - only discusions/news/opinions on the recent developments/ops/plans/arms deals by the Vietnamese Armed Forces - comments on historical events, only when it's directly connected to recent developments like...


    First Lieutenant James B. Phillips (standing third from left in the rear) with his Marine Corps Rifle Platoon. We were standing in front of an abandoned French colonial Catholic Church in the countryside outside of DaNang.
  7. Us Marine with a Anti-Tank Guided Weapon.

    Us Marine with a Anti-Tank Guided Weapon.