Vietnamese Special Forces Organization and Equipment


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Hey all,

I've recently been researching the PAVN and trying to put together a rough outline of its organization and equipment. I've found that most units (especially motorized/mechanized) draw heavily from Soviet formations of the 1980s.

Where I am stuck now is with the PAVN special forces. I understand that SF is under its own separate command from the rest of the army, and this command is comprised of an HQ, an SF school, and 5 SF brigades (1st, 5th, 113th, 198th, and 429th). The special forces branch is comprised of 10,000 people in total, meaning that each brigade must be comprised of 1000-2000 troops each or roughly equal to a Russian/Soviet Spetsnaz brigade. According to Vietnamese Wikipedia (where I've found most of this information) the 5th (Naval Commando) Brigade is comprised of 4 "teams" and 5 companies. From what I've gleaned off of official images of these units a team is about 10-13 guys, meaning each company has only about 40-50 operators which seems like a really low number given a PAVN brigade has around 3500 troops. Does anyone here know where I can get more information on this?