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    Hungarian Special Forces

    Link deleted.
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    French Special Forces - never surrender

    Content deleted because it breaks Forum rules on fanboy posts and posts not being in the English language. Ngatimozart.
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    Vietnamese Special Forces Organization and Equipment

    Hey all, I've recently been researching the PAVN and trying to put together a rough outline of its organization and equipment. I've found that most units (especially motorized/mechanized) draw heavily from Soviet formations of the 1980s. Where I am stuck now is with the PAVN special forces. I...
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    Which branch of the Armed Forces should I join?

    I am currently in high school and have a passion for aviation but also love the special forces side of the military. Which branch of service would be the best if I wanted to do either one?
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    130 Korean Elite Troops to Be Deployed to UAE

    A combined 130 Korean elite troops will be deployed to the United Arab Emirates by year’s end to teach special combat, the Defense Ministry said Wednesday. The troops will be the first military unit deployed by Korea for the purpose of “software exports” to a country not engaged in a war...