Challenger 1- Main Battle Tank


Challenger 1- Main Battle Tank

The Army's last Challenger 1 tank leaves the King's Royal Hussars camp in Tidworth on its way via the South Coast to the Middle East. On Wed 6 Dec 2000, The King's Royal Hussars (KRH) bade farewell to the last of their Challenger 1 Main Battle Tanks when they left the Wiltshire-based regiment bound for Jordan. It marked the end of Challenger 1 s 17-year-service with the British Army. The Royal Hussars, one of the predecessor regiments of the KRH, was the first regiment in the British Army to receive Challenger 1 in 1983. Produced by Royal Ordnance Factory in Leeds and delivered to the British Army in 1983, Challenger 1 entered service during the height of the Cold War. It was the workhorse of the British Army of the Rhine, proved to be a battle winner during the Gulf War in 1991, provided reassurance
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