UAS developments and/or issues


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Caught on camera in the skies of the Philippines. It can be a RQ-180, it can also be something else.
I'm more inclined to also look on potential Chinese ones. It's in their back yard and showing off their potential stealth UAS in the area where Quad just doing exercises is giving more massage on their ISTAR capabilities.


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Not sure whether it's ultra safe or the EU is just over-bureaucratic.
Anyway, with a drone that large, I can't really see an armed version being of particular use.
As an oversized platform it is better used carrying dedicated payload rather than munitions, to increase its endurance.
At its weight class the only weapons that are viable are long range munitions.

Europe needs new MALE drones and to make them cheap. Heavy HALE is too much of a niche, albeit an important one.
Leonardo has been trying to interest European armed forces in its range of drones for years, but so far its exports have all been outside Europe, AFAIK.

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Turkmenistan unveiled for the first time its Bayraktar TB2 UCAVs during the 27 September military parade. Besides TB2 UCAVs, a range of new military equipment was on exhibit during the parade, including Brazilian A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft, Italian C-27J Spartan transport planes and M-346 light fighters and fighter trainers.



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This is an interesting combination, a small flying drone that walks (like it's in high heels!). It's not military and is only a prototype but I wonder if this 'design paradigm' may be a goer long term - the agility/access of a UAV with the persistence of a walker. Creepy New Drone That Walks and Flies Is a Robopocalypse Nightmare Come True (

I'm expecting the RAAF to pay attention to this and in the near future expect the 'Loyal Wingman' to stride out of the hangar....