Turkish Air Force - Türk Hava Kuvvetleri


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Wondering if there will be enought budget to produce them or they will be Turkish version of the Armata or the Su-57


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Personally I used to also underestimate their capabilities to produce TFX on their own. So far tough they are shown capabilities to stay within schedule. More or less if behind, they manage to catch up the schedule within months. Like this first flight was scheduled late last year.

So far Sultan Erdo administration manage more or less achieving majority of their aim toward domestic MIC. As outsiders we can put doubt on Turkiye industrial and fiscal capabilities. However so far they manage to achieve what many defense analysts in West doubting them.

Another close up video on KAAN first flight. The video open with time line of Turkish fighters.

Choosing same engine with F-16 also reduce their logistics footprint. If they then focus on F-16V and KAAN, operationally it's going to be more cost effective. One thing that Interesting tough, the F-35 that supposedly goes to Turkey, has been shown in some online media still stores with Turkiye insignia. Raise speculation if Turkiye will return to F-35 community, or even they want to do that (with all Investment they make for F-16V, F-16 Ozgur (TAI own upgrade) and KAAN.

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It’s one thing to build a demonstration aircraft another to turn that into a production fighter aircraft.
Take the Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin for example.
You need a combination of both the airframe, Engines and essential systems. Fifth generation aircraft are loaded with more information systems and integration of systems that on previous generations were podded on or operated as bolt on or without regard to the degrees of information technology.
Defensive aides, electronic warfare, offensive and defensive radar, optical targeting and designation, LPOI communications, traditional communications, low observable aircraft coatings and fabrication of materials, weapons and munitions management. Internal and external stores. Fuel management, flight systems, cooling, pilot displays both cockpit and head mounted, Power management, missile launch warning and more. Development, production and procurement has itself to be managed so has to allow it all to be installed in your finished product in time for delivery. Plus it all has to fit perfectly inside your mold lines. No nip and tuck later. because fixing that is like trying to squeeze a new piece inside a 3D puzzle.

Well Erdogan has seemingly managed to achieve demonstrating new vehicles and had some success in a number of projects. It’s in the Major components where they have not seemingly had as much luck. The Altay engine soap opera in example. Maybe they can pull it off. Maybe but it’s an uphill struggle. That’s why they’re so few countries building modern fighter jets. The industrial complex needed for highly sophisticated modern weapons is much higher than it was before.


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Turkiye TAI will have big uphill battle from here to make this KAAN as working system. No doubt about that. However has to be acknowledge like it or not their MIC so far still on schedule on most of the projects. Personally I just not want to easily underestimate Sultan Erdo effort (as I used to do), for their MIC development. Seems despite odds so far they're still steaming along.

Propulsion still their biggest Achilles heel, that's going to be interesting to see how they're going to resolve that.


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Turkiye and US seems progressing on implementing the 40 F-16V and 79 kits for upgrading Block 50 to V. Also on other media TAI own Ozgur upgrade program for F-16 block 30 and 40 also progressing. Seems Turkish AF plan to maintain and upgrade up to 240 F-16 so far progressing.

However Turkiye being kick out from F-35 program seems going to be continues headache for their defense planners. Sultan Erdo political ambition for domestic 5th gen KAAN will take time to be realise. Also base on talks in Turkish Media and forums, UK involvement on helping development of KAAN still pursue (despite Sultan Erdo self reliance rhetoric).

Thus this Anadollu article talk on their Defense Minister talk in London for Euro Fighter could be tied to that. Problematic opposition on Euro Fighter from German seems being thing that UK and Turkiye talk about.


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A week old news, but in this Article Aselsan already claim that their AESA radar MURAD already ready for delivery. This radar will be installed under Turkiye own Ozgur F-16 upgrade.

As being talk in media, Turkish F-16 upgrade program divide in to two program. Their own domestic kits Ozgur and LM kits V type program. With this, Turkiye aim to have around 240 F-16 being upgrade to what can be call full 4.5 gen type Fighters.