The Russian-Ukrainian War Thread


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And your point of that is? They have a task to do, if you aren't going to do it because "too costly" then you have already lost.

Fixed for you, posting a link and then reinterpreting what they specifically say is not a good thing to do.

Just so Russia can have free reign to bomb Kyiv? :rolleyes: These systems generally have spare missiles, also you are making the assumption that Russia will be in a position to launch such an attack so soon. Russian missile attacks have generally shown a downward trend excluding the odd spikes.
One would hope, despite any possible damage that any AD equipment is routinely relocated, and dummy batteries are sprinkled around.

Damage to a Patriot battery could consist of a single vehicle being damaged or destroyed, and I havnt seen a video yet with a large ground explosion.


I didn't make it clear to what I was commenting on which was this in the CNN article about any damage or loss:

"That will determine whether the system needs to be pulled back entirely or simply repaired on the spot by Ukrainians forces. "

Anyhow, not suggesting to give Russia free reign on anything. I did make the assumption Russia would try again quickly and the fact that it hasn't happened is good. I hope that trend continues.


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Fixed for you, posting a link and then reinterpreting what they specifically say is not a good thing to do.


Two U.S. officials confirmed that a Patriot system had been damaged in the attack but added that the Patriot remained operational against all threats.

P. S. When they say they are assessing the extent of the damage, they are saying that it was damaged, which is why I quoted the second paragraph as well. There was no “reinterpreting” done on my part.

There are a couple of videos of alleged explosions on the ground bouncing around, but I have no idea about the authenticity, so won’t post.


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The variant of the Patriot that would likely be able to down a hypersonic inbound is not quite an old system. Two possible conclusions, one being that the Patriot provided to Ukraine is a more modern variant. The other is that the Kinzhal isn't really hypersonic.

Makes sense to me. The S-300 is old but capable. Especially if the enemy isn't expecting it.
Apparently the Patriot variant is the PAC-2.


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Update. Apr. 4th-6th


A video about a Russian repair unit. While the video doesn't say, based on the vehicles coming from Kherson region and Energodar, I believe this is Zaporozhye region. We see a T-72B3, a BMP-1AM, and a captured Ukrainian BMP-1 being upgraded into an AM by the installation of the BTR-82A turret. Note the paintjob on the turret, it likely came from a damaged or destroyed BTR. We also see a captured BMP-2K, a BM-21, 2S5, 2S4, and what I think is a T-62 shamefully hiding under a tarp.

The North.

Based on obituaries, it appears recent Russian gliding bomb strikes in Chernigov region were aimed at Ukrainian ELINT/SIGINT post.

Oskol Front.

Russian T-72B3 mod'16 gets hit by an RPG and returns fire with HE-FRAG rounds.

Russian artillery strikes, Kharkov region.

LDNR Front.

Russian loitering munition strike against a howitzer near Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

Ukrainian M109 getting hit by a Russian loitering munition while moving. The ultimate fate of the vehicle is unclear but it does catch fire. Videos like this raise questions. It's clear the Lancet-3 needs a bigger warhead, and likely this means a slight larger munition or more powerful engine. Is anything being done?

Russian artillery striking alleged Ukrainian positions in Artemovsk/Bakhmut. 1st video I believe is artillery, 2nd-3rd is a TOS-1 strike.

A destroyed Ukrainian BTR-4 near Artemovsk/Bakhmut, unclear if the same one we've seen before.

Two videos of the road into Artemovsk/Bakhmut from Chasov Yar, on the section approaching the town. Destroyed armored vehicles and light trucks can be seen.

Another video of a different road segment. We see 3 Kipri MRAPs either abandoned stuck or knocked out. Note the condition of the road. There's a reason they're riding a BMP.

A video from Ukrainian trenches west of Artemovsk/Bakhmut. Note the mud.

A Ukrainian YPR-765 with battle damage near Artemovsk/Bakhmut. This is evidence that the unit we saw riding YPR-765s a while back passing through Chasov Yar is now committed to the fight around the city. In general this is not a good sign for Ukraine, since reserves are essentially being committed before the counter-offensive really started.

Ukrainian PzH-2000s on the Artemovsk/Bakhmut axis.

Continuing Russian airstrikes, Avdeevka.

DNR T-80BV with plenty of extra armor doing indirect fires near Avdeevka.

Sparta btln, quadcopter munition drops, south-west of Avdeevka, north of Pervomayskoe.

Footage from overrun Ukrainian positions near Vodyanoe. Note it's unclear when these positions were taken.

Russian quadcopter munition drops, Spornoe.

Battle damage after a Russian gliding bomb strike, Ugledar.

Russian Giatsint-B fires near Ugledar.

Russian/DNR forces operating a captured XA-180. I can't help but wonder how long they can keep this vehicle running. They're scarce even in Ukrainian service. Sourcing spares and doing maintenance must be a nightmare.

Russian strikes landing in Druzhkovka, aimed at presumably Ukrainian reserves or supplies moving through the town.

Shelling of Donetsk continues. Allegedly a HIMARS strike. Warning footage of corpses. By one source 4 civilian dead, by another 9 civilian dead and 10 wounded reported, by a third 9 dead and 7 wounded.



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A Ukrainian strike against Tsapovka, Belgorod region, allegedly against Russian vehicles parked in a treeline.

Apparently a Ukrainian infiltrator team taken out in Bryansk region. Warning footage of corpses.

A Ukrainian UAV downed in Belgorod region.

Bryansk region, Russia, a Ukrainian A-22 light plane was downed and the pilot taken prisoner. He was carrying a weapon and a flak jacket, and allegedly conducting a recon flight. The plane was also apparently equipped with a lever for dropping munitions, and there were two explosion craters found nearby. Reportedly the plane was forced down with small arms fire. The pilot is reportedly part of Ukraine's Civil Air Patrol, a volunteer group that works with the Ukrainian border guards.

13 Russian service members have been convicted for desertion since the war started in St. Petersburg, getting sentences ranging from one year to 5.5 based on how long they were AWOL for. Some are convicted for trying to dodge the mobilization with false medical claims.

Russian UAV teams training in West MD before deploying to Ukraine.


Ukrainian FPV drone striking a Russian Aistenok counter-mortar radar.

Allegedly a Ukrainian SP howitzer getting hit, by a Krasnopol' strike.

Russian VDV loitering munition strike against a Ukrainian howitzer.

Knocked out Russian T-90M being finished off by an incendiary munition dropped from a quadcopter.

Somewhere in Ukraine a road with the side littered in destroyed Ukrainian light armor. Location unclear, though I suspect Artemovsk/Bakhmut. Note the video post claims this is a column, but I see 4 4X4s, of which one is a Husky, and one isn't, a Mastiff, and something that looks like a VAB maybe. The vehicles certainly don't match. We also see a destroyed pickup in the field right past the treeline, and one of the soldiers comments "minefield". I suspect this is an accumulation of vehicles over a period of time.

Russian BMP-3 fires against Ukrainian infantry from 3000 m away. Note the thermals.

Russian UR-77 being used against a Ukrainian position. Note this mineclearing vehicle is being used as improvised fire support, while near Ugledar Russia can't clear Ukrainian minefields. Based on the terrain, this is probably the woods near Kremennaya.

A heavy Ukrainian UAV carrying anti-tank bombs downed somewhere in Lugansk region.

Ukrainian airforce sources claim Russia is using 20 gliding bombs per day.

Another shot of Ukraine's MT-LB/MT-12 hybrid.

Avenger SAM in Ukrainian service.

Footage from a Ukrainian airbase of MiG-29 ops. This is suspected to be Martynovka airbase, Nikolaev region. Note some of the jets look like they're cobbled together from multiple airframes.

Another Ukrainian S-60 guntruck.

Ukrainian forces posing with a Stryker.

Russian Msta-S with an oversized roof cage.


Poland has handed over 4 MiG-29s to Ukraine, with a total of 14 planned.

Ukraine will produce 125mm tank shells in Poland.

In addition to the Rosomak APC, whose numbers are now planned to be 150, Poland will supply Ukraine with 24 SP mortars on the same chassis. 100 Piorun MANPADS are also planned.



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Apparently the Patriot variant is the PAC-2.
I read somewhere, I'm not ready to dig up the source, that one battery is PAC-2 and the other PAC-3. Do we have definite confirmation that both batteries are unmodified PAC-2?


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Great news from France, they plan to ship SCALP-EG cruise missiles to Ukraine. Ukraine Situation Report: France Sending SCALP-EG Cruise Missiles (

The number of missiles to be shipped is not known. They are quite expensive so I guess only a small number. I am not sure if there are any differences between Storm Shadow and SCALP? The description by MBDA seems to indicate that if there are any differences (apart from the name) then they are quite small: STORM SHADOW / SCALP | Air Dominance, DEEP STRIKE | MBDA (

I hope this will trigger Germany to send a few Taurus -- it does have a stated range of more than 500km however I am guessing it should be possible to limit to 300km in software without too much effort? TAURUS KEPD 350E | Air Dominance, DEEP STRIKE | MBDA (

In other news, the pressure to start training Ukrainian pilots on Western fighter jets seems to be increasing. In addition to the UK and France, also Belgium are now saying they can offer training. Hopefully this process will kick off soon. It will take quite a long time to train the pilots, the technicians, build the infrastructure, etc. Pressure campaign on Biden to send F-16s to Ukraine goes into overdrive - POLITICO


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AFAIK the only difference between Storm Shadow & Scalp-EG is in the interface to the aircraft. I don't know if that's hardware or software, but since the Ukrainians will be firing them from aircraft which have been adapted to carry them, it's probably been thought of.


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Update. Apr. 7th-8th


Russian 2S7M fires, corrected by a ZALA-421-16 UAV across the Kahovskoe water reservoire.


Ukrainian 2S9 getting hit in Zaporozhye region. Note Ukraine had a few of these pre-war, but they were relatively rare. There's a solid chance this is a captured Russian vehicle.

Battle damage from a Russian strike in Orekhov. Russia has struck quite a few hangars in the area presumably targetting suspected Ukrainian positions.

Russia apparently dug a 70km trench line north of Melitopol'. The purpose remains unclear since it doesn't appear to be set up with zig-zags and infantry fighting positions but is likely to narrow to serve as an anti-vehicle trench. Note the latter would also require AT assets positioned across from it to engage forces attempt to cross.

Oskol Front.

Russian 90th Tanks operating T-90M and T-80BVs near Kremennaya, and the 217th VDV Rgt anti-tank unit firing MT-12s. I believe this is our first sighting of MT-12s in VDV hands, but it makes sense. It's a pattern that units are getting T-90Ms willy-nilly in drip-fed batches mixed with tanks pulled from storage. This is questionable practice from a logistics stand point but might be tactically expedient if the T-90M provides a capability that's needed in many places at once.

Russian VDV 2B9 fires near Kremennaya.

Positions of Russian Chechen fighters near Kremennaya. They're also described as part of Akhmat, Kadyrov's elite unit. But note the gear and the fact that they're on what appears to be the front line. They're likely not part of the original unit.

LDNR Front.

Allegedly a Russian mortar strike taking out a BMP, and munition storage near Seversk. Note the explosion looks a bit much for a mortar, until you recall that Russia is using 240mm mortars regularly.

A Wagner RPG rocketman operating out of a multi-story building in Artemovsk/Bakhmut fires a series of RPG rounds allegedly at Ukrainian vehicles in the treeline outside. Note we can't really see the vehicles. But he's firing quite a few RPG rounds in fairly rapid succession.

A series of Russian loitering munition strikes near Artemovsk/Bakhmut. We have two hitting what appears to be an SP howitzer, then a tank. For the MBT they aim at the back of the hull/turret. It's still not clear the tank is destroyed. Then another SP howitzer. In the second/third link we have a single M109 get hit, and catch fire. The fire is pretty large.

Ukrainian T-64BV mod'17 getting hit north-west of Artemovsk/Bakhmut. Ukraine has been far more economical with MBT use recently, losing fewer. This likely means they're saving them for the upcoming offensive, and have fewer available for other roles.

Russian milblogger WarGonzo moves with Wagner forces in western Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

Two Ukrainian BMP-2s destroyed near Artemovsk/Bakhmut, possibly the consequence of a recent counter-attack attempt near the roads west of town.

Allegedly a destroyed Ukrainian MBT in Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

A good shot of the road bend outside of Artemovsk/Bakhmut. We can recognize the location from the characteristic bend and the destroyed BTR-4. It's combat action and destruction were documented in a previous post. The sheer numbers of destroyed vehicles are drastic, we can even see a knocked out tank. The area used to have some tree cover the remains of which can be seen. But the constant fires have destroyed it almost completely.

Ukrainian forces attempting to pull a stuck armored car out of the road west of Artemovsk/Bakhmut with a BTR-70, but it also gets stuck, and a BMP has to get used. Note the road conditions. Not much offensive action is possible in this situation.

Some panoramic shots of the western side of Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

Two Wagner fighters in Artemovsk/Bakhmut. One has a SIG-516, the other an FN SCAR. Presumably captured weapons.

Russian T-72B3mod'16 fires in Mar'inka. Likely 150th Motor-Rifles.

Russian Su-25 getting shot down by a Ukrainian MANPADS team, Mar'inka.

Footage of the ruins of Mar'inka from above.

Russian Su-34 strikes near Ugledar.

Russian 132nd Motor-Rifles, former DNR 3rd Motor-Rifles, 2S1 fires. 122mm howitzer is rare in Russian service these days.

Russian BMP-2M column in Donetsk. Possibly freshly-upgraded vehicles. We see 6 of them and then a tank.

DNR forces operating a captured Varta armored car.

DNR Vostok Bde producing improvised quadcopter munitions. They've got hand grenades, mortar shells, and improvised bomblets.

Shelling of Donetsk continues. A market was hit, killing 1 and wounding 2 civilians. Warning footage of corpses.

Battle damage to a rail line near Slavyansk after a Russian near-miss strike. Note damage like this is relatively easy to fix.



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Allegedly a Ukrainian Leleka UAV downed in Kursk region.

Allegedly a Ukrainian missile shot down over Crimea.

Shebekino village, Belgorod region, was hit by Ukrainian shelling again.

The Ukrainian pilot recently downed in Russia on a light A-22 plane is going into court with a black eye. Presumably the result of interrogation.


Russian quadcopter munition drops on Ukrainian infantry.

A Russian loitering munition hitting a Ukrainian 2S1. We've seen quite a few Ukrainian 2S1s getting hit lately. This suggests Ukraine got a batch of them, possibly from Poland or Finland.

A Russian FPV drone made out of improvised components failed to detonate.

Ukrainian Strykers, including one with a mine trawl.

Czech RM-70 Vampir Grad variant in Ukraine on an armored Tatra chassis.

Ukrainian infantry training with an assortment of fairly exotic weapons including the Ukrainian Malyuk/Vulkan-M rifle, Beretta MG42/59 machinegun, M320A1 grenade launcher, and PSRL-1 RPG-7 clone.

Ukrainian forces operating a captured Tigr armored car with a BTR turret.

Ukrainian captured T-72B3 with metal sideskirts instead of the regular rubber.

Russian recon unit from South MD in Ukraine.

A Russian TOS-1A with cage armor.

A Russian Tayfun-PVO MRAP designed for carrying MANPADS teams in Ukraine.



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After the recent frog-leap across the Oskol, Russian forces halted as Ukraine counter-attacked. Ukrainian reinforcements were also allegedly observed moving up. It doesn't look like Russia has a follow-up to this push, so likely the front will stabilize as Ukraine attempts to counter-attack. If Rybar is accurate about Russia seizing a key ridge then Russia should be able to hold this position, especially as Ukraine's priorities are elsewhere.



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The US is to support the provision of F-16 fighters to Ukraine. About time and it's been rumoured that Ukrainian aircrew have been undergoing F-16 conversion training for quite a while now. This is a much needed real boost for Ukraine and should shape the airwar in Ukraines favour, as long as the required aircraft are delivered quickly, rather than in dribs and drabs.

"The US says it will allow its Western allies to supply Ukraine with advanced fighter jets, including American-made F-16s, in a major boost for Kyiv.
National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said President Joe Biden "informed his G7 counterparts" of the decision at the bloc's summit in Japan on Friday.
US troops will also train Kyiv's pilots to use the jets, Mr Sullivan said.
Ukraine has long sought advanced jets and President Volodymyr Zelensky hailed the move as a "historic decision"."



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Wagner is declaring victory in Artemovsk/Bakhmut, having taken the last few Ukrainian strong points inside the town. Note, this certainly isn't the end of the fight. Right outside of town are Khromovo and Krasnoe still under Ukrainian control. And recent Ukrainian counter-attacks have pushed Russian forces back from the roads into town. However for Wagner this is the end of the campaign as they will be rotated out. It remains to be seen whether their replacements can hold what Wagner has taken.



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The Ukrainians are denying that Wagner have forced their troops from their remaining hold on the city. If the Russians have fully conquered Bakhmut, I strongly suspect that it will be a pyrrhic victory because it looks like the Ukrainians are pushing pincer movements north and south of the city and they could envelope it. The Ukrainian pincers are, importantly, on the high ground as well.


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The Ukrainians are denying that Wagner have forced their troops from their remaining hold on the city. If the Russians have fully conquered Bakhmut, I strongly suspect that it will be a pyrrhic victory because it looks like the Ukrainians are pushing pincer movements north and south of the city and they could envelope it. The Ukrainian pincers are, importantly, on the high ground as well.
The Ukrainian advances are currently west of the town. If they develop them sufficiently, several times greater then currently, then envelopment may become a possibility. But as of now that's not a credible threat. I suspect a much larger Ukrainian effort will be needed to accomplish that.

EDIT: Wagner forces raising the flag on the outer outskirts of Artemovsk/Bakhmut. It looks like the edge of town but it's hard to confirm without geolocation.

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Update. Apr. 9th-11th

The West.

Ukrainian mobilization efforts at a bus station in Ternopol'.


A civilian house in Zaporozhye was hit by shelling, two civilians reported killed and one wounded.

Russia hit a school in Pologovskoe district of Zaporozhye region.

Battle damage from a strike in Orekhov.

Oskol Front.

Interesting footage of a Russian assault team riding two BMP-3s with support from a single T-72B3 attacking a Ukrainian position. This seems to mirror the chart we saw before, with assault teams riding two IFVs, and having support from a single MBT. This is near Kremennaya.

Russian T-90M getting destroyed near Svatovo-Kremennaya.

Russian forces hauling off a captured BMP-1 in Lugansk region.

Russian airstrike near Kremennaya.

Russian soldier with an FPV drone, on the Krasniy Liman axis.

Russian OSA-AKM near Kremennaya, with tracks and rubberoid sheeting on the sides for extra armor.

LDNR Front.

Wagner artillery strikes, western outskirts of Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

Russian loitering munition striking a Ukrainian M777 near Artemovsk/Bakhmut. We can see the gun crew fleeing early in the video.

Allegedly Ukrainian tank burns, Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

A destroyed T-64BV in Artemovsk/Bakhmut. Not sure if we've seen this one before, there was footage previously from there with one missing it's turret, but from a different angle.

Footage of Wagner fighters inside Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

M113 knocked out, Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

Russian forces operating a captured M113 in Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

A YPR-765 captured by Wagner forces, presumably knocked out. I think we've seen this one before.

Assorted footage out of Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

Ruins of Artemovsk/Bakhmut.

Russian incendiary strikes on Avdeevka. Note it appears that despite considerable shelling, Russia is essentially stalled here, and continued airstrikes haven't managed to change that.

Sparta btln quadcopter munition drops, likely Pervomayskoe area.

Russian T-72B3 mod'16 gets hit and catches fire. The crew bails out, and gets picked up by another tank. This is likely the 150th Motor-Rifles.

132nd MRBde, former DNR 3rd MRBde, striking Ukrainian infantry with UAV-directed artillery.

Allegedly a refugee from Artemovsk/Bakhmut claims Ukrainian executed civilians and hid behind civilian populated buildings.


Assorted footage of Ukrainian NASAMS ops.

Russian FPV drone loses control due to enemy EW.

Russian night-time thermal-directed tank fires against Ukrainian infantry. We've seen several videos like these surface after T-90Ms became more common, and as BMP-3s with thermals hit the front line.

Russian strike near either Berislav, Kherson region, or Orekhov Zaporozhye region, sources disagree. Target unclear.

Ukrainian Buk and 2 Grads getting hit by loitering munitions.

Ukrainian BTR-4 burns, location and context unclear.

A destroyed Krab burns, it's turret apparently ripped apart.

A very early T-90S export variant was destroyed in Ukraine. It might be a vehicle that was rejected by India due to defects and sat in storage since then.

An extremely rare BMP-1 Sp. 8 allegedly captured from Ukraine. It's a BMP-1 with an AGS-17 module installed.

Russian Msta-S ops in southern Ukraine. Before the war the Msta was being produced and upgraded at a steady pace, it's unclear if this production tempo is retained. What's certain is that these are the most modern howitzers Russia deploys on the front and they're relatively scarce.

Russian VDV training in Ukraine. Note their BMP-2 and S-60 guntruck.

Ukrainian Mi-8 flying at an extremely low altitude. Location and context unclear.

Ukraine's freshly created 117th TMech Bde with their Oshkosh M-ATV.

More Oshkosh M-ATVs in Ukraine, unit unknown.

Another prisoner exchange took place, footage of 106 Russian POWs returning from captivity. Reportedly 100 Ukrainian service members were exchanged.


First sighting of British AS-90s in Ukraine.

Reportedly a repair facility for Ukrainian T-64s has been set up in Poland.


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The Ukrainian advances are currently west of the town. If they develop them sufficiently, several times greater then currently, then envelopment may become a possibility. But as of now that's not a credible threat. I suspect a much larger Ukrainian effort will be needed to accomplish that.

EDIT: Wagner forces raising the flag on the outer outskirts of Artemovsk/Bakhmut. It looks like the edge of town but it's hard to confirm without geolocation.

On NOS they have shown a Russian video.
It seems that Bakhmut is almost/completely in Russian hands.