The new members introduction thread.


Fellow Brit here, living in London, 1960s vintage chap in middle youth, used to work in academic publishing but now a property manager. I’m a bit of a politics and current affairs junky, also have wide historical interests, interested in military affairs especially Army and Royal Navy and in Cold War geopolitics. Only military experience the Corps at my boys’ boarding school back in the day.
Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy the forum.


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Hi everybody. I'm a Romanian translator and interpreter. Recently I came across interpreting a lot of military/policework trainings, and I realized this is where I do by best at (thanks to my binge watching all kinds of military/detective series, in order to keep my English), and this is what I would want to specialize in. I'm also trained in martial arts (brown belt in Shotokan), I've been volunteering on the Ukrainian border, and also have been in Ukraine with the Red Cross. I intend to go back there, as soon as my other engagements permit is.
I would just like to find people to talk to - people who speak the language and have been around a block a few times, to perfect my written/and if possible spoken grasp of the specialty language. Also, to lament this mad world we came to live in...