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Below is the current iteration of the DefenceTalk Forum Rules. Failure to abide by them may result in deletion of post content, posts, member banning, and/or a combination thereof.

  1. Do not use these forums for any commercial purpose - no solicitation of funds, no advertising, and no solicitation for goods or services.
  2. Do not post anything illegal or injurious (including libelous, defamatory, or abusive statements, obscenity, profanity, or pornography).
  3. Do not post off-topic. The, its moderators, and members of this community reserve the right to delete posts we determine are irrelevant to the discussion in which they're posted.
  4. Do not disrespect anyone on this board-whether you disagree with them or agree with them. It is suggested that you keep your cool and show restraint when discussing important defence matters.
  5. Do not disrespect military personnel of other countries. considers them dedicated professionals who put their lives on the line for their motherland.
  6. Do not put more than 8 smilies/emoticons in your posts. If you do, your posts will be edited.
  7. Do not link, in any post, to pages elsewhere on the Web that violate either these rules or their spirit.
  8. Please provide your real name and an e-mail address where we may contact you, if necessary, during the registration process. You may choose any username you desire.
  9. Do not post racial slurs, racist remarks against other people and countries of the world as we have participants from all over the world and we want to show highest form of respect for them as you would want them to show for your country.
  10. Do not use multiple user names to conceal your identity.
  11. Do not start inflammatory threads with purpose of degrading/defaming another country, its leaders or its people.
  12. Do not encourage or support terrorism/terrorist activity on our forums/website. condemns all forms of terrorism. Although we discuss war and military, it does not mean we promote war and use of military force. We believe in Peace and peaceful resolution to outstanding disputes around the world.
  13. Do not post religious sermons in your replies. This is a Defence> forum and only topics/sermons related to defence are allowed and discussed.
  14. You must post source of your information/articles ( link, website, book, magazine, etc.).
  15. You must have fun and let others do the same.
  16. Do not make or start threads/posts which are "versus" or "best" discussions, direct comparisons are the province of fanbois, not serious discussion.
  17. Do not make one-liner posts.
  18. Discussion of politics is prohibited apart from that which is directly involved with or impacts defense matters, like procurement and budgetary decisions.
  19. DefenceTalk exists to discuss current, historical and potential future defense matters, it is not the appropriate venue to discuss fantasy, sci-fi or conspiracy topics.
  20. DefenceTalk and it's membership isn't a research service, so don't use the forum to ask basic questions about defense matters when a person can easily find answers to their questions by using a search engine.
  21. Don't attempt to conceal or mis-direct members, the Moderator or Admininstration teams by providing false information when asked about location, home country, military/naval service and defense industry experience.
  22. Posts are to be made in English, and members are encouraged to use the best spelling and grammar they can manage so that the thoughts and ideas can be understood and then discussed by the membership.
  23. There is both an expectation and requirement that members will put some effort into what they post with research, providing facts and links where appropriate and associated posting behaviors, to maintain the quality and level of discussion on DefenceTalk.
  24. Do not change or delete any post editing done by members of the Moderator Team.
  25. Do not post using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  26. Do not post using bolded green or bolded red text as these are used by the Moderator Team.
  27. Do not ignore requests, recommendations or requirements from the Moderator Team.
  28. Do not post links or embed content to promote or drive traffic to sites outside of DefenceTalk.
  29. If members have an issue or concern about a post, use the Report function on the post and/or PM a member of the Mod team.
  30. If members have an issue with how a member of the Mod team responds, either PM that Mod or another member or members of the Mod team.
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